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Perfectly Deep Weekly #55:
Josh Wink, Farben, William Basinski


Dear <<First Name>>

This week's theme is a bit out of the ordinary: I zoom in on 're-issues.' As you probably know, artists and labels tend to look at older releases (or recordings) and feel that, given today's technological progress, they could sound better. Then they dust them off, edit and/or remaster them, and rerelease them. It's an awesome practice.


Therefore I have chosen three stellar, older pieces of deep electronic music that have been re-issued years later and found new audiences. I find them all to be timeless and would argue that they could all have been released originally in 2022 without anyone claiming that they sound aged. That's impressive.


In any case, I hope you enjoy this newsletter as much as I did putting it together.



Keep it deep,


Christian Villum



Josh Wink - Ovum Night @ Twilo NYC (1999)

Ovum Recordings

Tags: #deephouse #minimaltechno


Twilo, the infamous club, was a New York City institution in the late 1990s. Hosting Junior Vasquez's weekly residency at the same time as the renowned Sasha & Digweed residency, it was the place to be for the New York City dance music crowd then. The significance of these two residencies was accentuated by the fact that there were two DJ booths: one created for Junior and situated above the audience, and the other for Sasha & Digweed, positioned barely over the floor at one end of the club.


There was a third, highly significant residency as well: During this period, Josh Wink, aka. Joshua Winkelman would start a residency at Twilo that turned into an Ovum Recordings night, enabling him to showcase many of the artists released on the label he founded himself.


Dubbed by many as the "DJ's DJ," Wink was a favorite for many DJs, who praised his musical diversity and unique ability to rock floors around the world. The fame of the Philadelphia DJ had been propelled to stardom a few years earlier by the release of first 'Don't Laugh,' a club track that made massive waves in underground clubs, and - most notably - the follow-up single 'Higher State of Consciousness.'


The latter became a worldwide mainstream chart hit even though it was a tough-as-nails acid breakbeat techno belter. Somehow and for some peculiar reason, it had crossover appeal.


This set, which, although recorded in 1999, was re-released in 2020, is probably one of the most eclectic and diverse sets ever to be presented in this newsletter. Here, Wink showcases his musical diversity and takes us on a 2-hour journey through soulful house music, dark techno, elegant IDM, and much more. The general feel of the set, I would say, is deep, although, to be fair, some segments move outside of that bracket. Still, it's a killer of a set that fits right into the Perfectly Deep vibe.




x (Remaster 2022) (2022)

Tags: #minimalhouse #deeptechno

The prolific German producer Jan Jelinek, who mainly performs under his own name and as Gramm, creates his most elaborate, dub-infused, and dancefloor-friendly music under the moniker Farben. More significantly, his ability to build subtle complexity may be at its strongest when done through this musical persona. 


As a rather conceptual undertaking, six Farben 12" EPs for the German Klang Elektronik label were released between July 1998 and April 2002: "Farben," "Stuck," "Featuring the Dramatics," "Raw Micro," "Silikon," and "Farben Says: Don't Fight Phrases." Dubbed "the CMYK series," with reference to the sleeve colors, they're all highly praised.


The same year, two collections were also released: The 12" releases were merged into "Starbox," a vinyl-only set. "Textstar," a CD-only release at the time, had alternate takes of several of the songs from the initial collection.


For this re-release, however, Textstar - now with a + added - includes additional Starbox tracks. Moreover, it is also out on vinyl. Beautiful re-release work for those who missed the bus the first time around.


The album merges deep house, hints of deep techno, and Jelinek's signature jazz flavors into a sublime cocktail of groovy tunes that work for headphones and dancefloors alike. It starts with 'Live at The Sahara Tahoe, 1973,' a deep and funky track driven by rapid percussive patterns. The following highlights in my book are 'Muskeln,' a highly compressed, groovy minimal house track, and 'Farben Says As Long As There's Love,' another killer jazzy deep house track with a heavy, gritty organ-driven sound.


'Beautone' stands out, too, and carries the features of the 'click'n'cuts' house/techno style that was huge in the late 1990s and early 2000s. That sound never grew old for me.


Lastly, I want to mention 'T.Microsystems,' a super deep techno track with bass frequencies so low they make my (fairly pricey) home B&O speaker system distort the sound. That's rare, so kudos to Jelinek's bassline programming skills.


The album comes out of Jelinek's own label, Faitiche, which has been his musical home since 2003 - alongside releases on other labels, most notably his epic records on the legendary ~scape imprint, which we've saluted before in this newsletter.

William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops (remastered) (2021)
Temporary Residence

Tags: #darkambient #experimentalelectronica

When 43-year-old William started digitizing magnetic tapes of his old recordings in the final days of the summer of 2001, he was broke and on the verge of being evicted from a loft with a lovely view of Manhattan. William noticed that the magnetic tape had deteriorated so much over the previous 20 years that it had started to fall apart, creating tiny gaps in the music.


Basinski, a genuine artist, saw something in this: the majesty of the minor orchestra was vanishing before his eyes, erasing portions of memory. Throughout the early fall of that year, all he and his friends did was listen to the 5-hour digital version.


Then September 11, 2001, a gloomy day with a clear sky arrived. On that particular day, William was scheduled to attend an audition on one of the World Trade Center's higher levels. "Luckily for those kinds of jobs, the interview isn't at 8 a.m., it's at 11, and by then, the buildings were gone," Basinski has since explained.


Basinski observed this while standing on a balcony. "On TV, nobody understood the situation. The Disintegration Loops recordings were playing in the background while we sat on the roof terrace in lawn chairs and watched the fires burn all day and into the night. In that context, Basinski's recordings became the soundtrack to the end of the world as it was happening live on broadcast, along with the sound of aircraft slicing through the sky, shrill sirens, and patrol helicopters.


The album consists of just two tracks. Firstly the hour-long 'dlp 1.1,' which is a slowly evolving, minimal ambient opus which features a lot of intensity up until the 35-minute mark, after which it starts to fade and diminish. The last 15 minutes become very experimental and evolve around an insisting vibrating humming noise that builds and builds.


The second track, the 10-minute follow-up 'dlp 2.1,' is a disturbing crescendo on the album. You can almost picture how this would fit the grueling scenario outlined above. Like a 10-minute warning to the world about how nothing would ever be the same.


It is worth noting, by the way, that if you look up the album on Discogs, there are many other versions, and many of these, like this one, feature many more disintegration loop tracks. So if you're into this, there's plenty more to discover. 


You can also find other music in the same vein by checking out the label Temporary Residence Limited, an experimental label from Brooklyn, New York, which has been putting innovative records since 1996 and is still going strong.

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