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Perfectly Deep Weekly #45:
Kia, Kenny Dahl, Patricia Wolf


Dear <<First Name>>

This week I wanted to do a proper theme but was thrown a curveball by my 2-year-old son, who woke up with a fever this morning. So I had to keep him home and write a more straightforward newsletter with new records instead.


That's not necessarily bad because this week's three killer slices of deep electronic music deserve all the attention we can give them. Enjoy!

Keep it deep,


Christian Villum

Kia - Animix Forty Three (2021)


Tags: #deepdnb #deepelectronica

Technically, this mix isn't brand new: It came out in the fall of 2021, but I only just discovered it and have been listening to it repeatedly because it is that good. At its core, it is a drum'n'bass mix, which is rare for this newsletter, but it is a genre whose presence I am trying to expand a bit here, so here we go.


The beginning of the set is slow and trip-hoppy until approximately 15 minutes in, when the first drum'n'bass drum programming is introduced. From here, we are treated to a series of highly ethereal tracks that feature dubby, laid-back, and, most importantly, deep textures woven beautifully together by Kia. Here and there, she also takes stints into other genres, like chill-out downtempo and electronica.


Animalia is a record label, podcast, and event series based down under in Melbourne, Australia, and curated by Kia, whose real name I could not find. Known for a style rooted in the deeper shades of techno and deep electronica in general, she has risen to fame in only a few years. Much praise is given to her ability to weave toget



Kenny Dahl - Walking Around (2022)
Diffuse Reality Records

Tags: #minimaltechno #darkambient

Despite this being his debut album, Kenny Dahl is no newbie on the circuit. Having produced and released minimal techno for well over a decade, the Italian-born, Netherlands-residing producer, who goes by the civil name of Carlo Micali, has been an active purveyor of electronic music for way longer. 


He started his fascination with house music in the early 1990s and started DJ'ing in 1991 at the ripe age of only 11. In the late 1990s, his passion glided more towards techno music, and he established a DJ career that took him all over Italy. Since then, especially once he started producing himself, he has become an international household name with performances all over Europe.


In 2016 he founded (or co-founded? Accounts vary - some also list Alessandro "AMPTEK" Marenga as founder) his label, Eclectic Limited, which became the home for a series of his EPs over the years. However, in parallel, he also released music on several other labels, including Neuroom and Advanced. However, this new album comes out on Barcelona's Diffuse Reality label, which has had records featured in this newsletter on several occasions.


'Walking Around' is a dark album. Situated somewhere in the middle between minimal and deep techno, it has a convoluted sound that is quintessentially deep. The two opening tracks, 'Back to' and 'Nearly,' are hypnotic bangers that, for over 7 minutes each, let you flow into a mesmerizing state.


Then comes 'Behaviours,' an experimental, ambient track that abandons the drums altogether to provide a break from the groove. Very emotional and broodingly dark.


The following three tracks make up the next upbeat section. 'Solo,' 'Solo (Salvatore Foglia Remix)," and 'Distance' builds the pace back up. The first is a deep minimal track with a quirky, deep synth loop and insisting hi-hats. The Foglia remix adds punch to the same track with a hard kick drum and a variation of the synth theme that is edgier.


Then once again, the album takes a break with 'Surrounding,' which is another ambient track, yet this time more intense. Noisy, detuned samples veer across the stereo sound spectrum through several LFO-modulations.


The last two tracks are worth highlighting as well. Listed as 'Surround versions,' they are ambient tracks, which I assume feature surround sound. I wouldn't know as I listen on standard equipment, but they're great tracks nonetheless.

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Patricia Wolf - See-Through (2022)

Tags: #ambient #darkambient

On the gigantic global scene for ambient music, Patricia Wolf is one of the rising stars getting a lot of well-deserved attention. Her delicate electronic music soundscapes, which tend to fluctuate between the uplifting and the melancholic (her first album was made after losing a loved one), make waves far beyond her home turf of Oregon, USA.


Having released just three records, two of which are albums, including this one, she is a brand new breath of fresh air on the electronic music scene. And also a very productive. Both albums have come out this year, and we are only in May.


The album starts with an exquisite, synth pad-driven track titled 'Woodland Encounter,' which I can only assume is inspired by the vast forests of Oregon. Having been there a few times, I must say that this is the perfect soundtrack for an early morning hike in the wilderness there. Other highlights include 'The Grotto,' which features string samples from guitar bathed in reverb and echo and samplings of her voices that reverberate across the track. Very beautiful.


I would also highlight 'Pacific Coast Highway,' referencing another Oregon landmark, the coastline towards the Pacific Ocean. Swerving in between the sea, the sand dunes, cliffs, mountains, and, of course, deep forest, the pacific highway features some of the most stunningly beautiful scenery the North American continent offers. This track goes well with that. It stands out also because it is the only one with drums. Specifically, it features a laid-back drum pattern that makes up a lazy downtempo feel to the track, coupled with more synth pads.


I found out during my research that Wolf uses field recordings alongside electronics and her voice. She aims to "draw listeners into a hypnotic inner world" and "manipulate the listeners' perception of time, conjuring vivid textures, and atmospheres." All in all, I find her music to be gracefully hypnotic and mesmerizing.


The album comes out on Balmat, a brand new label from Spain. Behind it stands Albert Salinas and Philip Sherburne, two friends living in Cardedeu, Catalonia, and on the Balearic island of Menorca, respectively. I guess that's why, deep down, there is a certain Balearic feel to Wolf's album, too.

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