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Perfectly Deep Weekly #52:
Moodeep & Post Apocalyptic, JakoJako, Deadbeat & Sa Pa


Dear <<First Name>>

This week you are presented with three newish slices of superb deep electronic music that has been getting some of the most rotation in my headphones over the summer.


They are all quite different takes on what can be considered 'deep,' and all balance themselves elegantly between the delicate, quiet, slower end of the spectrum and the more upbeat, energetic, and experimental counterpoint. I hope you will like them.


Also, I have been filling up both the Perfectly Deep Soundcloud and Mixcloud profiles with some other potent mixes I have been listening to this summer. So there is plenty to dive into if you are itching to get back into the deep electronic music groove after the summer break. Check them out:


Perfectly Deep @ Mixcloud

Perfectly Deep @ Soundcloud


In any case, I hope you enjoy this newsletter as much as I did putting it together.

Keep it deep,


Christian Villum



Moodeep & Post Apocalyptic - Apnea #72 (2022)


Tags: #dubtechno #deeptechno

This has, by far, been the most played piece of music for me during the summer. It features two prolific producers from the global dubby electronic music scene, Moodeep, hailing from Poland, and Post Apocalyptic from Vilnius in Lithuania. Individually, as producers, they have crafted some groundbreaking tunes, and when working together as DJs, they truly create a unique and beautiful sound that stands out. 


Generally, the mix is a mesmerizing journey into dub, not surprisingly, but I believe the magic comes from the fact they each bring specific signature sounds to the collaboration. Moodeep is dedicated to dub techno and has been putting out some brilliant compositions in that genre. Post Apocalyptic excels in creating massively immersive ambient soundscapes that wash you away. In combination, that creates a track selection that kills.


I particularly like the parts that segment that starts around the 12-minute mark; it kicks just the right amount while still being on the laid-back end of the scale. I would also highlight the selection of tracks that begin at the 40-minute mark. Super deep and minimal, with many dub chords soaked in reverb and echo. 


The mix is brought to the world by a magnificent outlet that we have visited before: The Apnea label, based in France, which we also included in PDW #26.




JakoJako - Metamorphose (2022)
Bigamo Music

Tags: #ambientelectronica #experimentalelectronica

It is hard to follow electronic music and not have heard about JakoJako, the Berlin-based German-Vietnamese producer also known by the civil name of Sibel Jacqueline Koçer. She has undoubtedly been making a splash on the scene.


JakoJako, who rose to the current level of fame primarily by performing live, uses a lot of modular synthesis in her recordings and live performances. "You can always design an entirely new instrument depending on how you set up your system. When something surprises me, I enjoy it," she says when describing her musical approach.


It all began with a drive to experiment with music, a homemade synth, and a curiosity to learn more. Koçer was playing her first live sets around Berlin after spending several years buried in books, manuals, and patch cables. She was also spending every last penny she had on Eurorack modules.


She quit her job as a nurse in 2017 to work at the renowned Berlin synth store Schneidersladen, where she started teaching the city's musicians about tools and techniques. The passion became so intense that it apparently consumed her, and after a couple of years, she started releasing music formally. This is her third album, but the first on her own (the previous two album outings were in collaboration with fellow artists Rødhåd and Mareena, respectively).


It is a stunningly beautiful album that, generally opposed to her dj-sets and live performances, shows a delicate and reflective side. Where her sets and performances often take either highly experimental and often somewhat noisy directions or aim to stir up the dancefloor with proper techno, this album creates a beatless, melancholic space for reflection.

The opener, 'Objekt,' is built on long synth pads and simple chords that slowly build up an emotional atmosphere, as if to demand the listener to sit down and pay attention to what lies ahead.


This is followed by 'Resonanz,' where a more curious and exploratory vibe is created. Towards the end, she furthermore introduces some highly insisting synth lines that create an intense momentum.


My favorite on the album is 'Affekt,' which, in essence, is a techno track that has all the qualities of a 4/4-floor track, but without the kickdrum. Instead, we have a super deep bassline that gives a more ambient feel but still oozes tempo and punch.


The tempo is increased further in 'Amygdala,' a high-paced track that keeps intensifying as the rolling arpeggios are filtered towards ever more intense peaks.


'Neogenese' deserves mention too. At the check-in, a soothing ambient track, but not for long. At around 40 seconds in, it starts to reveal its true colors as the pitch rises dramatically, and an almost uneasy feel starts to formalize as the sounds shriek upward. This intensity is then punctured before building it up towards the big crescendo in the last quarter of the track.


All in all an impressive album that shows the huge - and multifaceted - talent of the rising star.

Deadbeat & Sa Pa - The Mountain (2022)

Tags: #dubbyelectronica #dubtechno

Deadbeat, also known as Scott Monteith, is back with another highly original collaborative album (you may remember his outing with OM Unit, as reviewed in Perfectly Deep Weekly #29). This time he has teamed up with Sa Pa, aka. James Manning; an Australian producer who I did not know prior to this record. 


Since Monteith was introduced earlier in this newsletter, I'd like to put the spotlight on Manning instead. While not well documented online through biographies and articles, I found that he has been releasing music since 2015 on a series of different labels, including Giegling and Marcell Dettmann Records.


Compared to the many great releases by Deadbeat in the past, including the many collabs, Manning surely adds some funk to the mix. That is particularly audible in the basslines. Try to turn this up, and you'll want to bob your head and move your feet.


That said, we are still in electronic music waters: The first half of the album is dubby minimal house oriented, and focuses on creating a laid-back groove, whereas the last half ups the tempo, adds a notch of toughness, and pushes us well into the dub techno bracket.


The duo has been organizing gigs in Berlin under the name Absurd Dub Lustre, taking place at the venue Hoppetosse. Here they combine their "unique preferences for dub techniques with the kind of rolling, lean, minimal music that characterizes that nook of the Berlin scene," as described by Resident Advisor. This album is the natural progression of the collab between them and captures the essence of these parties.


The album starts with 'Forbidden City,' a track characterized by a fat, dubby bassline groove with glitchy noise samples that initializes the album's general feel: A compelling venture into dub electronica and techno on a bedrock of electronic funk, as outlined above.


'Born of Confusion' is a heavy pounding kick drum underneath a distorted sample and locked groove. It is followed by 'Tume No Serie,' which starts out sounding like something daft punk could have made: Vocoder vocal sample with dreamy qualities - but then adds layers that fit it well into the Deadbeat/Sa Pa original sound universe.


I would also like to highlight 'Dawn Time,' an ultra-deep yet funky bassline supplemented by lots of reverb and echoey reverberations. Classical dub techno virtues but with a creative take on the genre.


'High pressure' and 'Wormwood Theory' takes us into minimal techno territory. The first reminds me of the Studio 1 series by Wolfgang Voigt, and the other one has a dynamic that aims straight for a peak-time dancefloor - without losing its deep qualities.


The closer, title track 'The Mountain' stands out as a slower, dub-infused belter that grinds its way forward with gritty filters and distortion. Rough around the edges and highly compelling. 

It comes out on Deadbeats label 
BLKRTZ, which he set up a fews back in response to hearing that legendary Berlin-label ~scape was closing shop. Since then it has been his natural musical home: Dig deep there if you dig this.

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