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Perfectly Deep Weekly #36:
Yukari Okamura, John Tejada, Araceae


Dear <<First Name>>

This week we'll keep the intro brief: You are being served three super fresh new slices of deep electronic music, fresh off the presses. These are two sublime albums and a DJ-mix that I have spent particularly much time with these past weeks.

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In any case, I hope you will enjoy listening to this week's newsletter as much as I did putting it together.


Keep it deep,


Christian Villum

Yukari Okamura - MNMT #322 (2022)


Tags: #deeptechno #experimentaltechno

Yukari Okamura is a rising star based in Japan. She has been steadily building an international reputation through innovative performances and genre-pushing releases on a slew of labels, including Oslated, Semantica, Circular Limited, and Occultech - to name a few. Her signature sound comes out of what she refers to as psychedelic techno, a genre label I have not previously heard of when speaking of minimal techno (there's psychedelic trance, of course, but that's entirely different). I would probably put her point of departure somewhere between deep minimal and experimental techno.


However, this set, which is recorded for the excellent Norwegian platform Monument, which I've highlighted before (and whose festival she also performed live at in 2020), blends a wider spectrum of genres. Starting in noisy ambient space, she gradually increases the intensity and, around the 12-minute mark, starts to treat us with ultra-deep, crackly techno that, frankly, hits a bull's eye on my excited-o-meter. Lovely stuff.


Further down the road, the momentum builds even further in minimal techno territory and what I've seen other reviewers call "drone techno." Excellent music curation here and a solid progression throughout the session. A super talented producer and DJ to watch closely.




John Tejada - Sleepwalker (2022)
Palette Recordings

Tags: #deephouse #experimentalhouse

Vienna-born and LA-based producer Tejada, who we've enjoyed already back in Perfectly Deep #23 (check it out via the archive), starts out with guns blazing on this brand new album. The two opening tracks are harder and darker than what we've been accustomed to from him over the years. 'Shattered' is a pounding, kick-drum heavy techno track with an excellent punch and 'Excursion' is the tech-house equivalent to that. I was surprised by this energetic start to the album but in a pleasant way.


From 'Over The Wires' and forward, we are back in the musical space that I would associate more with Tejada: Lush, deep house music with elegant synth pads, and lovely, engulfing drum programming. But just because he's back in a familiar space doesn't mean it becomes boring or more predictable. On the contrary, the tracks twist and turn in exquisite ways like 'When We Dead Awaken,' which sport a highly original syncopated drum pattern, and 'Skull Music,' which is a slow burner influenced by dub on the one hand and on the other something as unusual for deep electronic music as R'n'B.


I also like the closing track 'Isolate', a percussive, almost tribal drum track with a minimal and filter-dry sound.


The album comes out on Tejada's Palette Recordings (not to be confused with Palette Records, by the way), which has been his mainstay back from 1996. While he has maintained releasing classic records on a wide range of other labels, including prolific ones like Kompakt, Pokerflat, 7th City, and ~scape, he has released almost 100 records here on his own imprint.


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Araceae - Nothing Will Last (2022)

Tags: #ambient #deeptechno

At face value, this new album from Araceae looks like a conventional ambient album, but you'll find lots of additional, unsuspected goodies once you start to unpack it. It starts ambient, but already from the opening track, 'Before the sun,' we're introduced to subtle kick-drums, and ultra-deep techno feels that builds over almost 10 minutes.


The second track, 'The Beauty of Being Someone Else,' a 10-minute opus, is different from the opening. It shows off a delicate, shuffly drum pattern and bassline that gives the track pace without losing the ambient foundation.


'First and Last Freeze' is my favorite with its grainy noise layers, deep techno bedrock, and an insisting high-hat at the forefront. It is reminiscent of German icon GAS, aka. Wolfgang Voight, but lighter and more ambient. However, the GAS reference is even more outspoken on 'Living With Ghosts' where the kick-drum becomes harder, and Araceae introduces immersive string arrangements. It's terrific. The same goes for 'Eternal Uncreated,' a track driven by a super low-frequency bassline, low-pass filtered kick-drum, and yet another compelling ambient synth motif.


Behind the Araceae moniker stands Detroit-based Ryan Malony, a familiar face if you're into banging minimal techno (like me): His prime alias in that arena is Uun, which I warmly recommend. As Araceae, however, he has only released two other albums, as far as I could dig out. His compositions under this moniker are devoted to "nostalgic atmospheres inspired by hopeful melancholy," according to the Soundcloud profile. This album and the two prior ones have come out on the splendid Spanish ambient label Faint, sister-label of Archives: Both of which we've reviewed and enjoyed in earlier Perfectly Deep newsletters.

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