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Perfectly Deep Weekly #42:
Oana, OM Unit, Ness


Dear <<First Name>>

Spring is finally here, at least in my neck of the woods: Copenhagen, Denmark. This fact has nothing to do with the content of this newsletter, other than to say it excites me a great deal. Music and sunshine go remarkably well together, and - like last summer - I expect the sunny weather to influence the music picks that will be presented here over the coming, brighter months.


This week the theme is 'new stuff': Three carefully selected deep electronic music gems that I find particularly interesting right now. Maybe you will, too.


In any case, I hope you will enjoy this newsletter as much as I did putting it together.


Keep it deep,


Christian Villum

Oana - female:pressure 107 (2022)


Tags: #experimentaltechno #deeptechno


Oana is a DJ and electronic music producer hailing from Craiova, Romania. Her style draws from minimal electronic music, deep house, and hypnotic techno. Her DJ skills have led her to collaborate with highly regarded organizations such as Soundcloud and Berghain. She is known for her engagement and participation in movements promoting inclusion and supporting women and those who identify as non-binary in the music world.


In this mix, she starts on a quiet tip with some laid-back tracks in the first quarter before kicking it up a notch with a hypnotic groove that stays put throughout the set.


The mix is released by the female:pressure podcast, which is part of the female:pressure movement. It is a transnational online database and network of women, AFAB, transgender, transfeminine, transmasculine, intersex [+gender optional], genderqueer, gender nonconforming, a-gender and/or non-binary DJs, musicians, composers, producers, visual artists, agents, journalists and researchers working in the realms of electronic music and visual arts. It is a publicly accessible source of information, a means of communication, and a tool to disclose the existence and the work of women, non-binary, transgender, and gender-fluid people in this seemingly cis-male-dominated field. In 2021, female:pressure celebrated its 23rd anniversary.




OM Unit - Acid Dub Versions (2022)
Self-released (not on label)

Tags: #dubtechno #dubbyelectronica

As some of you may remember, we also featured OM Unit, aka. Bristol-based Jim Coles, back in newsletter #29, where he did a collaborative album with Deadbeat titled 'Root, Stalk, Leaf, and Bloom.' 


Being the highly productive producer he is, I feel compelled to recommend his work once again in the form of this brand new album. And to highlight exactly how productive he is, he actually released yet another album in between these two—busy man. But let's be thankful for that.


I include this discographical information for a very specific reason, though. Because 'Acid Dub Versions' is actually a spin-off of the previous album that came out between newsletter #29 and now. That was called 'Acid Dub Studies.' Those who are well versed in Jamaican music terminology might have guessed that already since the term 'version' refers to instrumental versions of other works.


Coles has not, however, simply released an instrumental version of the previous album. That would be absurd, too, since his music is predominantly instrumental already. Instead, the 'versions' here refer to reinterpretations of selected tracks off of the previous album. They are done by a group of key producers from the field of deep and dubby electronic music, including a couple of my favorites: The aforementioned Deadbeat, and CV313, of Detroit's Echospace label.


Deadbeat has been introduced in this newsletter before, whereas CV313 has not. Which is about time since it is one of the most influential acts in deep electronic music. Behind the moniker stands Rod Modell, whose music we've also recommended in this newsletter before, and Stephen Hitchell.


CV313 has contributed two tracks, which are both interpretations of the track 'Ghost.' The original is dubby, but packs a significant punch in its sound, where are both of CV313's versions combine the group's signature spaced-out dub techno sound and deep reverberations with the dub sensibilities of OM Unit. The result is superb, nothing less.


Other highlights include Deadbeat's version of the track 'Dissolved.' Here, the original is a slow-burning, wobbly anthem, whereas the new version adds a subtle techno-like feel. It builds like a steady-going freight train, and I particularly like the recurring organ sample.


Also, the closing track, 'Rolling Stock,' which has been remodeled by Variant, deserves recognition and praise. Contrary to the original, the result is a massive wall of drone-sound soaked in reverb: An uncompromising piece of deep, dark ambient music.


I recommend listening to the album side by side with the original if you really want to hear what the producers did to the tracks.

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Ness - Flesh of the Gods (2022)
Navigare Audio

Tags: #deeptechno #experimentaltechno

Ness has been making waves for well over a decade. Going by the civil name of Andrea Deplano, he is known for compositions in the space between deep techno and ambient, and this album fits that genre spectrum very well. It is the pinnacle of his musical journey.


The album also flirts with new interpretations of trance music, which has never really been my cup of tea. It has, however, been making a large comeback in the last couple of years across Europe. In its new 2020s-incarnation, it also usually falls inside the deep electronic music bracket.


According to the album press material, "Ness has been on a mission for many years now, to bring back the psychedelic depth, warmth and subtle ecstasy of the original trance sound into a contemporary technoid context. With this, his second and long-awaited LP, he has perfected his unique vision."


The album opens with an eclectic techno track, 'Abbeney (Mind),' which features wobbly sub-bass and has a sound that bleakly forebodes what is in store on the rest of the album. As if to set the stage. Right from track two, we get into the groove with a deep yet pounding techno track, 'Nobody Knows The Way.' Thirdly, 'Collective Dissonance' takes the energy up one step further. It's a dark, intense, and energetic album.


Other highlights include 'Transilient,' a highly compressed minimal techno belter with a subdued bassline and a high-paced tempo, and 'Hypha,' the closing track, which sends us off on a much more spirited, uplifting tip.


Deplano is Italian and hails from the city of Sardinia in the very south of the country. As a DJ and producer, he opened his own record store in his hometown back in 2007, and 2 years later, he founded his first label, Mono Records. In addition, he started The Gods Planet label with Claudio Porceddu in 2010 but has since September 2019 been the only owner of it. All in all a super productive DJ entrepreneur.


This album comes out on Navigare Audio, which is a label I had not heard about before. But there is probably a reason for that because, according to Discogs, there are only four releases so far. In addition, Discogs has no info on its founders whatsoever.


I could dig out, though, that it is headed by "three like-minded DJs" in the northernmost reaches of Europe, namely Sweden. Those three include Don Pepe, based in Stockholm, and Anders Navigare, an Oslo resident whose name is used to name the label. With musical roots, according to their bio, "spanning all over the psychedelic spectrum, Navigare Audio aims to explore further and deeper into the vast ocean of transcendental Techno." Amen.

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