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Perfectly Deep Weekly #38:
Ocheret, Lectromagnetique, Poly Chain & Bartosz Kruczynski


Dear <<First Name>>

I have been meaning to write this week's newsletter for a while. It zooms in on the country we all talk about these days, war-torn Ukraine.


Following the atrocity of the invasion, the global electronic music scene has responded with a roar of support for the Ukrainians. Many fundraiser compilations have come out: GreyscaleExhale RecordsMonumentA Strangely Isolated PlaceCrack MagazineSuara & Beatport are just a few of the outlets behind such releases. One of the local crews here in Copenhagen, the terrific Petite Victory Collective, did a great one too.


Individual artists have also put out support records, like Dax JBjarki, and Calibre. The Ostgut Ton artist, Berghain resident DJ, and Leisure System co-founder Barker even collected this massive list of support albums. An even longer list was made by the electronic music news site Resident Advisor.

In addition, the electronic music scene inside Ukraine has come together to raise funds for those in need following the war. Ukrainian labels Standard Deviation and Mystictrax have put together a 65-track fundraiser compilation featuring Ukrainian, Russian and international artists, including prominent names like Laurent Garnier, Ben Sims, and Dasha Rush. Underground4Ukraine is another new fundraising initiative started by dance music promoters, venue owners, artists, and label managers from around Ukraine. The Ukrainian scene also came together to write an open letter to the world to let us know how we could support them. 


There was even a large-scale rave in London to raise funds. And lastly but not least, someone took the time to make a Google Doc of the Bandcamp profiles of over 200 underground Ukrainian artists and labels to support directly by buying their music.


Electronic music is not just for pleasure: It is also a way for people to come together and help each other. 


And with that, I present to you three of the Ukrainian deep electronic artists that I cherish the most.

Keep it deep,


Christian Villum

Ocheret - Live x Collider (2021)

Ocheret Soundcloud/Collider

Tags: #ambient #experimentaltechno

The alter ego of Roman Slipchenko, a Kiyv resident, Ocheret makes experimental ambient techno with delightful twists. A frequent live performer in the Kiyv underground, he is supposedly known for experimenting and jamming live when making his music. This live performance happened during the opening of a photo exhibition by one of the most prolific Ukrainian music producers, Stanislav Tolkachev, at the Collider art cluster in Kyiv.


It starts with lush, beat-less ambient vibes that step in a hypnotic groove with shifting synth pads and swirling arpeggios throughout the first half. As we enter into the second half, shuffly drum patterns are introduced alongside melancholic piano motifs as a crescendo - before the outro takes us back into an ambient landscape—a beautiful progression.




Lectromagnetique - Alienation (2015)
Bass Agenda Recordings

Tags: #detroitelectro #experimentaltechno

Following the emphasis on the Detroit electro genre in recent issues of this newsletter, here is a natural extension in the form of Lectromagnetique aka. Ukrainian producer Ivan Margolin. For almost ten years, he has been putting out gritty, dancefloor-ready techno and electro, including three excellent albums, of which this is the first.


The album is characterized by classic, crunchy and punchy electro beats and rumbling 303-acid basslines. Bursting with syncopated drum patterns and quirky loops, the album embodies the future funk vision introduced by Detroit stalwarts like Drexciya and Dopplereffekt but also adds new ingredients into the mix:

Margolin is based in Chernobyl, and according to biographical material, the outset of his artistic endeavors is the story of living in the human exclusion zone. A portrait by The Calvert Journal says that he "plays with atmospheres and tries to immerse the listener in the state of despair and deep suffering associated with the space by developing intense electronic rhythms laced with acid."


The album comes out on the UK-based Bass Agenda Recordings, a record label dedicated to the electro genre. So far, that has led to over 125 high-quality releases and running a radio show that has hosted prominent names such as Juan Atkins, Helena Hauff, The Egyptian Lover, Legowelt, Adult, Dave Clarke, and many more.


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Poly Chain & Bartosz Kruczynski - Pulses (2019)
Into The Light

Tags: #experimentalelectronica #experimentaltechno

Poly Chain, whose civil name is Sasha Zakrevska, is a composer, dj, curator, and graphic designer in Kyiv.


According to her bio, her sonic mission is "to bring a breath of fresh air into the scene, painting ambient and club-ready textures with a relevant hypnotic electro imprint." This mission spans, so far, a series of exciting releases, including this album, which is her debut long-player.


The album is made in collaboration with Polish electronic music artist Bartosz Kruczyński, known for both his ambient and more danceable productions. The most famous of his aliases is probably Earth Trax, whose two 2020-albums LP1 and LP2, made international waves.


It starts on a soft ambient tip with 'Jacana' that features long synth pads that slowly evolve before introducing a stabbing arpeggio and a shuffly beat later on. 'Solacious,' the second track, is a grainy, noise-driven ambient track that starts slow but around the middle steps up with a compelling synth motif and later on a melancholic bassline that reminds me of UK artist Burial. My favorite track is 'Fluxional,' a real acid burner built around a simple 303-line that loops throughout the track while being manipulated by pulsating resonance filters and overdrive tweaks. That sound never grows old; I love it.


Behind the release stands Into The Light Records, an unknown label to me, which turned out to be a small label from Greece. With just a little more than 20 releases over ten years, it appears to have quite a boutique feel to it.

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