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Perfectly Deep Weekly #54:
Annælix, OM Unit, Shawn Rudiman


Dear <<First Name>>

This week we zoom in on two fresh slices of deep electronic music and one that is a little older. 


This new-alongside-old is a bit of a break from the regular practice of this newsletter. Whereas I usually alternate between focusing on brand new stuff on the one hand (usually every second week) and, on the other hand, digging into electronic music history through various custom themes (also usually every second week), this week is a combination.


Does all this structure mumbo-jumbo matter that much? Not really. The bottom line is to give you killer tips for deep electronic music to stream right now on all the major platforms, and this week is no exception to that.


In any case, I hope you enjoy this newsletter as much as I did putting it together.



Keep it deep,


Christian Villum



Annælix - Live @ Karrusel 2022 (2022)

Annælix Soundcloud

Tags: #minimalhouse #deeptechno


Two weekends ago, I had the distinct pleasure of attending my hometown of Copenhagen's annual Karrusel festival (organized by the same organization that stands behind the city's massive Distortion festival earlier in the summer).


It was a delightful experience altogether. Aside from troves of fantastic music, I also found great joy in the fact that female performers populated the entire Saturday program I experienced (moving between 3 stages)

I heard headliner Amelie Lens and rising stars Elli Acula, Ena Cosovic, Aja Gulris, Julie Pavon, and Annælix. The latter was one of the greatest experiences with a minimal house set with lots of deep techno flavors. Luckily, it was recorded and put online on Soundcloud so that you can enjoy it.


Annælix came onto my radar a couple of weeks before this when one of the most engaged subscribers of this newsletter (hat tip to Christian W, once again) sent me a text to check out her single "Stille Aften" on Spotify (means "Silent Evening"). A lovely deep house track with Danish vocals, which is a rare thing.


This set from Karrusel follows the same vibe but packs a slightly harder punch. Something which pleased the crowd at the event. It starts with a handful of tracks that build up a compelling, deep groove before entering a dubby, more pounding section from around the 45-minute mark. The last hour builds well from there and gradually introduces more and more of a techno feel. Great stuff. This is an artist to keep an eye on.


PS: You can check out a few more recordings from Karrusel on their Soundcloud page.




OM Unit - Acid Dub Studies II (2022)
OM Unit (self-release)

Tags: #dubelectronica #aciddub

OM Unit - Jim Coles - has issued the third album of his lovely exploration of the intersection between dub and acid techno. Those who have been subscribing for a while will remember the first two, Acid Dub Studies (in PD Weekly #29) and Acid Dub Versions (in PD Weekly #42). They were brilliant, and this new one elegantly follows up on that.


Some could rightfully argue that I overexpose OM Unit in this newsletter, but Coles is just so darn productive, putting out excellent releases several times a year, that he leaves me no choice. As a result, he is the first artist to have been featured three times in the lifetime of this newsletter.


The album starts with 'Melted,' an ambient track (to be exact: acid dub ambient - yes, that is a genre now) which builds an excellent excitement about the rest of the album. With potent 303 acid lines, we are teased by what's in store.


Next comes 'Camo' and 'Strange Brew,' two slow burners that sport a percussive breakbeat, somewhat retro synth chords, and the signature bouncy and dubby acid lines. It's hard not to bop your head to these two.


The classic dub vibe is strongest on 'To The River,' which could be inserted on any credible record from conventional dub artists in Jamaica and beyond. Here, Coles has made the acid sound so native to the dub soundscape that it fully sounds as if coming from the dub canon. This indeed shows the versatility of Roland's 303-machine. Not surprisingly, it was released as a regular bass synth back in the 1980s (as described in depth in #46 of this newsletter). It's rare to hear it used as such instead of as an aggressive, screeching techno component.


My favorite is the closer, 'Springdub Meditation.' A dark, beatless monster of a track that sends us away on an unsettling note. This album has a joyful, uplifting tone, except for this brilliant closing track. My suggestion to Coles would be to make a fourth chapter in the series and use that to explore this darker, minor key-based vibe.

Shawn Rudiman - Flow State (2021)
In The Machine Age / Pittsburgh Tracks

Tags: #experimentalelectronica #deephouse

This humdinger of a 1-hour-47-minute, 21-track album somehow went through my rather fine-masked music fishing net when it came out last year. So only through the recommendation algorithms of major streaming platforms did it surface on my screen a couple of weeks ago. Very odd. But better late than never, and while not new, it clearly deserves inclusion in this newsletter.


Rudiman, a US-based producer, began his music career in American industrial funk/dance floor noise and European EBM. This, however, was only until he was exposed to the sounds of deep, soulful, and jackin' techno by meeting Detroit minimal techno icons Anthony "Shake" Shakir and Daniel Bell, who became his buddies.


That was seven years ago, and since then, he has released five full-length albums, a series of singles, and done a lot of remixes - all on various labels, including highlights like Detroit Techno Militia, Technoir Audio, Minimalsoul, and Bell's 7th City imprint.


His most recent work, including this album, comes out on Pittsburgh Tracks, a sublabel of In The Machine Age. There is not much information about it, other than the official billing as "a label for Pittsburgh artists." I can only assume that this is also the dwelling of Rudiman.


The album constantly twists and turns, sometimes in astonishing ways. For instance, it starts with two very cinematic, synth chord-driven deep electronica tracks full of arpeggiators, '80 Years of Hypersleep' and 'Numeric Tenderness.' They could easily score an 80s or 90s sci-fi flick without sounding retro or anything like that. There is just a timeless quality over it. 


But then, on the third track, 'Cloud Lake Motel,' we are taken in a whole new direction with a compressed jackin' filter house style and a super funky groove. And then onto a section with three ambient soundscapes in the shape of 'Wave Effect,' which also features a highly melodic and melancholic synth motif, 'The Breathing Machine,' and 'Power Exposure.' All this may sound chaotic, but there is a red thread somewhere, and it just works.


In general, most of the tracks warrants highlighting, but I'll round off by just mentioning my favorites. 'Soshu Kitae (Masamune's Forge)' is a dubby, bass-heavy ambient track that is simply beautiful and captivating. 'Savage Enlightenment' is a lovely deep techno track that never sets off, and I like that. Instead, its pulsating kick drum teases us all the way through.

And lastly, 'Wash Over Me,' another entrancing techno composition with graceful minimal progression over 8 minutes.

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