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Perfectly Deep Weekly #48:
Emerald, Pablo Bolivar, Taylor Deupree


Dear <<First Name>>

This newsletter goes out from sunny Barcelona, where the Perfectly Deep team (that's me) is attending Sónar with a lovely connoisseur entourage (hat tip to list members Martin, Christoffer, Christian, and Bertil).


So far, the event lives up to its high standards, and if you haven't checked out last week's Sonar recommendations, I highly recommend it. Also, hit me up if you are attending and want to share concert tips or a cold one in the sunshine (contact details in the Shoutbox below).


This week I've chosen to serve you three brand new, brilliant slices of deep electronic music, which have occupied the airwaves in my headphones while traveling here, preparing mentally for the Sónar music extravaganza. I hope you will like them, too.


In any case, I hope you enjoy this newsletter as much as I did putting it together.


Keep it deep,


Christian Villum


Emerald - RA #834 (2022)

Resident Advisor

Tags: #detroitelectro #deeptechno

Emerald has crafted a delightful set with the main focus on the classic Detroit electro sound, which we've explored on several occasions in this newsletter. Still, she weaves in other genres, too: For instance, well-selected, banging minimal techno tracks, like from one of my all-time faves, Scottish producer Neil Landstrumm. There is also a ghetto house track by DJ Deeon in there.


At times the set moves out of the 'deep' bracket, but that doesn't take away from the general deep feel it has. Above all, it is a highly energetic take on deep electronic music and one that works for the dancefloor in particular.


Emerald rose to fame through her work at London radio station Rinse FM, where she's been a highly renowned host since 2014, including for a show called The Dance Show on Friday nights. She is based in London and is known for blending genres and tempos with impeccable mixing and connoisseur-like music curation skills. She calls her style "genre-fluid."

The mix comes out via Resident Advisor, one of the 
most influential electronic music media in the world and a great resource for discovering new, deep electronic music. Hands down my favorite news outlet and a killer podcast series, too.



Pablo Bolivar - The Black Collection (2022)
Seven Villas

Tags: #dubtechno #deeptechno

It's been a while since we've had some proper dub techno on the bill here in the newsletter, and what better excuse than a new release by the Spanish-based producer Pablo Bolivar. We've had the pleasure of reviewing his music in the past, too, when he put out his brilliant "Framework of a Dream" album (Perfectly Deep Weekly #11).


Bolivar is a highly productive gentleman: In between the above-mentioned previous album, which came out approximately a year ago, and this one, The Black Collection, he put out another two albums: One with remixes of 'Framework...' and, perhaps more interestingly, a version of 'Framework...' called Dream Sequence. It contains earlier ambient versions of the tracks as they appeared initially. This retrospective album has come out under another of his monikers, Mind Groove, under which the tracks were originally made. The decision to change the tracks from ambient to dub techno happened because Bolivar started collaborating with another artist, Ben Preisinger, who helped take the tracks in that direction for the first release. Now we have access to both versions.


Anyway, enough music artist archeology and back to the album at hand. 'The Black Collection' is a "carefully and remastered selection of his favorite works," according to Bolivar's press material. Many of these are made as collaborations with other notable artists, like Sensual Physics (aka. Joerg Schuster), Dactilar (whose civil name I could not dig out), Emanate (San Francisco-based duo Nathan Vain & Emily Fox), and Spanish DJs Javier Orduña and John Vermont.


My highlights on the album, which contains a whopping 16 tracks, running close to two full hours, include the two dubby house tracks 'All Clear' and 'Senda.' 

The first is an upbeat track with a compelling bass line groove and subtle vocal samples (maybe his own, I don't know), and the latter contains some riveting and highly melodic synth lines.


'Auspices' also stands out for me. A subdued, super deep techno track fueled by a softly pounding kick drum, light percussion, and a heavy dub bassline. Highly hypnotic. 'Only by Firelight' deserves mention, too, due to its remarkable arpeggiators and rumbling basslines.


The album comes out on Bolivar's label, Seven Villas, whose discography underpins the fact that Boliver is highly productive. Alongside his many personal releases and collabs, it has also released a swath of other high-quality, deep electronic music releases. I recommend you to dive into it on Discogs and check out some of the acts. You'll be in for a treat.

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Taylor Deupree - Harbor (2022)

Tags: #ambient #experimentalelectronica

One of ambient electronica music's most prolific artists of all time, Taylor Deupree, sports an impressive body of work. Since emerging onto the scene in the mid-1990s, he has composed or contributed to a stunning 46 albums, many of which have been made in collaboration with other heavyweights from the field, including Ryuichi Sakamoto, Stephan Mathieu, Savvas Ysatis, and Christopher Willits.


Deupree can best be described as a sound artist whose recordings and installation work, as his biography reads, "emphasizes a hybrid of natural sounds and technological mediation. It's marked by deep attention to stillness, to an almost desperate near-silence."


In his early career, he started making music that edged outward toward the fringes of techno. But over time developed his own unique sound firmly rooted in ambient music traditions, yet always with electronic music undercurrents - often in the form of manipulating noise and creating glitches.


The album is a delicate composition, favoring the subtle nuances in sound. The opener, title track 'Harbor,' is a quiet, minimal track driven by reverberating noise samples and piano fragments bathed in reverb. An elegant intro to the album.


The album's highlight is 'Swann,' which features a melodic patchwork of glitchy samples that combine to form a melancholic motif that echoes beautifully. It builds over five minutes towards a slightly distorted culmination without losing its strictly minimal structure.


'Twirl' deserves mention as well. A short track that combines pulsating drones behind an intricate organ pattern into a hypnotic mesh. I only wish it would be longer.


Deupree is known for dedicating time to other people's music as well. Sometimes even more than to his own. In 1997 he established the record label 12k, which has put out over 100 releases by some of the most revered musicians and modern sound artists of our time. A common denominator across the labels' outings is stark minimalism, although stints in other genres, such as avant-garde, post-rock, and hard techno, are also to be found in the back catalog.


However, this new album is not on 12k but comes out on the French experimental label LAAPS, based in the Brittany region. It is a peculiar, conceptual label based on a set of intriguing principles. It will run from 2020 to 2032, and each release will start with the end of the previous one. Also, it will release exactly 100 records, and, following the principles, they will form a giant music loop. Now there's a massive itch that should trigger any ambient music collector.

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