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Last week our Foreign Minister not only laid a wreath and attended Sharon's funeral, but was then interviewed by  The Times of Israel making comments which Hanan Ashrawi labelled a “willful defiance of international consensus”.  As an indication of the extremity of her comments, she has been thanked by Yesha Council - a hard line settler group.  The Foreign Minister not only refuses to acknowledge that settlements are illegal under international law, but there is no indication she even understands the destructive role settlements inherently play.  She also asserted that the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign is anti-Semitic and said Australian organisations receiving state funding should be ‘barred’ from supporting it.  Finally concerning the theft and forgery of Australian passports by Mossad she expressed an indifference towards the fact that Israel had not even responded to her requests for an explanation.

Please write to the Foreign Minister demanding she acknowledge the illegality of Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. 
You can read APAN’s letter or one by The Australian Jewish Democratic Society as examples.
Emails can go to: - and cc your local member!

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Bishop's troubling stance on the legality of settlements, 18 January
Bishop George Browning
Opinion, Saturday Age and Saturday Canberra Times

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"Foreign Minister Julie Bishop represented Australia at the funeral service in Israel on Monday, a move criticized beforehand by George Browning, president of the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network"
HAARETZ, 15 January

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