Bring a speaker to your campus who can combat the stereotypes and help your organization to spread the message of peace & all life!
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Host a consistent life speaker on YOUR campus!

Dear Life Matters Journal supporters and friends,

In our day and age, political and religious divisions are some of the most difficult lines to cross. Has your organization had a hard time breaking through the stereotypes that you're just "Conservative religious fanatics who only care about babies"? Bring a speaker to your campus who can combat the stereotypes and help your organization to spread the message that being pro-life is broader than just being anti-abortion, and being pro-peace is more than simply being anti-war. 
A consistent life speaker from Life Matters Journal can address the connectedness of all human life, how a culture of peace is built upon the respect for life and dignity of each human being, and show that life is indeed a human rights issue, not a political or religious one. This way of approaching the life matters is especially apt to deal with the typical political schisms and complaints of religiosity in our modern culture, because we approach our work in a non-partisan and non-sectarian format to best reach the widest audience.
We can speak at your school on a number of different topics including:
~ Be Consistent: How Life Matters are Connected
~ The Consistent Ethic of Life: Breaking Down Barriers (for pro-life groups)
~ Feminism as a Consistent Ethic of Life
~ Why We Must End _____________ (Abortion, Capital Punishment, Euthanasia, Suicide, Human Trafficking, Unjust War, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Torture, Abuse, etc)
~ A Culture of Peace (for anti-war/liberal audience)
~ A Culture of Life (for anti-abortion/conservative audience)

If you would like to host a speaker at your school, church, or other event, please email with the subject "Host a speaker". We can arrange a topic from our list or among other options which we can brainstorm together to finalize. Our goal is to promote education and discourse to further a culture of peace and life that respects the dignity of all humanity, and we can help you to gain ground on your campus by breaking down barriers.

For Peace & ALL Life,

The Life Matters Journal team

Life Matters Speakers

Aimee Murphy photo

Aimee Murphy, Executive Director

Steubenville, OH - Available immediately
$150 honorarium + travel expenses (honorarium negotiable)
Aimee's speaking engagements have included:
-"Perpetuating Peace & Life: Youth & the CL Movement" at the 25th Anniversary Consistent Life Conference, 2012
-"The Consistent Ethic of Life: Breaking Down Barriers" at the WNY Regional SFLA Conference, 2012
-CLE presentation at Franciscan University of Steubenville, February 2013

Nicholas Neal photo

Nicholas Neal, VP & Managing Editor

Carbondale, IL - Available on a limited basis
$75 honorarium + travel expenses (honorarium negotiable)
Nick's writing has included:
-"A Preemptive Death Penalty" (on abortion and the death penalty)
-"Dual Human Dignity" (on the Republican party & the hard cases of abortion)
-"No Aggression, No Homicide" (on Libertarianism & CLE)
-"Towards a More Consistent Feminism" (on abortion, feminism & CLE)

Lilianna Meldrum Serbicki photo

Lilianna Meldrum Serbicki, Assoc. Director & Fiction Editor

Buffalo, NY - Available beginning in February
$75 honorarium + travel expenses (honorarium negotiable)
Lili is a very well-spoken advocate for peace and all life. Her dedication is based in a great love for humanity, regardless of race, creed, or circumstance. She is well-equipped to speak on many different subjects.
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