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Welcome to this inaugural e-letter from Crystal Clear Consulting. Crystal Clear Consulting enables new leaders and leaders with changing roles to quickly maximize their effectiveness. Through coaching, team development and cohort development, Crystal Clear Consulting helps leaders address their current challenges, imagine new possibilities and create leadership practices that support their goals and vision.

Parties for Introverts?

Winter holiday celebrations continue to spark conversations about diversity and inclusion, “political correctness," and the sorts of communities we wish to create.  We are less likely to discuss the impact of a flurry of such events on people who are naturally introverted. And what of the introverted leader who has to host such events?
I am working with several Introverted Leaders at the moment: 
  • There is the leader who knows the importance of attending social functions yet spends time tending to the food rather than conversing with unknown staff.
  • There is the one who is comfortable building community through social media but finds chitchat at staff meetings uncomfortable.
  • There is the one who is viewed by all as a brilliant problem solver but not very friendly.
What these bright, capable, committed people have in common is that they are, in Myers-Briggs terms, Introverts. And, in a society that is dominated by Extroverts and extroverted behavior, they are likely to be misunderstood.
Introverts are energized by internal reflection on ideas and emotions, and more comfortable with e-mail or one-on-one conversations than group settings. They don’t speak until they have formulated their ideas.  They are perfectly capable of having warm and lasting relationships but they take time to develop them.
Introverts are, therefore, exhausted by large social settings where the focus is on keeping the conversation flowing!
So, at your next office party, if YOU have the energy, invite an Introverted Leader into a small group conversation you are having and make some introductions.
And if you are an Introverted Leader, ‘tis the season to pace yourself! Make sure you schedule ample time between social engagements to recharge your batteries.
Wishing you and yours the most joyous of holiday seasons,

Francine Crystal
Crystal Clear Consulting


Sara Regan, a CCC Associate, and I recently represented CCC at the NASPA Region I Conference. With its largest gathering ever, NASPA Region I brought together over 500 student affairs professionals from around New England. Deans, VPs, Directors and staff came together to share best practices, discuss complex problems and. . . to have fun! It was inspiring to meet so many folks committed to excellence in the student affairs profession.


The Wisdom of Introverts

"The less you speak, the more you will hear"

        - Alexander Solzhenitsyn
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