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Welcome to the September e-letter from Crystal Clear Consulting. Crystal Clear Consulting enables new leaders and leaders with changing roles to quickly maximize their effectiveness. Through coaching, team development and cohort development, Crystal Clear Consulting helps leaders address their current challenges, imagine new possibilities and create leadership practices that support their goals and vision.

Questioning Higher Education's Value

     “Rapidly changing technology”
     “Institutional leadership transitions”
     “Work/Life Balance strains”
     “Increasingly complex compliance”
     “Generational differences”

These are some of the concerns identified by HR professionals in higher education at a recent event hosted by Crystal Clear Consulting.  While the particulars change from year to year the underlying issues are perennial. What is different this time is the broader context.
The value proposition of higher education is being questioned in a way not previously experienced.
As a society, we are grappling with questions such as:
  • Is higher education a right or a privilege?
  • How many scholars do we need?
  • What is/should be the relationship between education and vocation?
  • How do we assess the educational value of a community college versus an Ivy League school versus an on-line certificate versus Khan Academy?
  • Are tenure-track professors more valuable than adjuncts and/or practitioner-teachers?
  • What are the meaningful differences between non-profit and for-profit institutions?
  • What is the economic value of higher education, to the individual and to society? And what are we willing to pay for it?
Opinions about these issues are played out in daily decisions.  Every strategic plan, every admissions or financial aid determination, every tenure or promotion case, and every budget allocation is made in the context of opinions on these questions.
With the start of a new academic year, I invite those of you in higher education administration to consider:  How can I exercise leadership in finding institutional answers to these questions in ways that strengthen our mission and vision, and enliven our work?  
Francine Crystal
Crystal Clear Consulting

Emerging Leaders Workshop

Held on August 7th at Endicott House in Dedham, our Emerging Leaders Workshop was a great success.  The workshop was designed specifically for people in administrative roles in higher education who aspire to broader leadership responsibilities. Fourteen participants from seven institutions enjoyed a day of reflection and planning which resulted in individual development plans to guide further growth.  Sessions covered the differences between supervising, managing and leading, a leadership journey exercise, how to prepare for difficult conversations, and time management techniques. Individual "speed coaching" was also available.

This program can be customized and can be offered on-site.

Here’s what some recent participants said about the Emerging Leaders Workshop:

* I think it was immensely helpful—the topics covered and the reflecting time allotted to apply those topics was fantastic.  

* I would love to have my staff attend something like this session.  
* There was a great deal of value packed into one day.  


Quote of Note

"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts."
    John Wooden
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