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Crystal Clear Consulting
Welcome to the June e-letter from Crystal Clear Consulting. Crystal Clear Consulting enables new leaders and leaders with changing roles to quickly maximize their effectiveness. Through coaching, team development and cohort development, we help leaders address their current challenges, imagine new possibilities and create leadership practices that support their goals and vision.

Upgrading Your Operating System

If you have a smartphone, chances are that a couple of times per week you tap the “Update All” link to get the latest versions of various apps.  Isn’t it amazing how often there are upgrades?  Most of the changes are small and you can adapt to them quickly.  Other changes are dramatic and take some time before you are comfortable again.
There are similar distinctions in coaching.  Some coaching is a minor “update.”  In a new situation, you may need alternative communication or time management practices.  If the number of your direct reports has increased you may need to vary supervisory practices, or to learn how to develop a management team.  With a coach you experiment with new behaviors, see how they work, get feedback and adjust accordingly.
Some coaching involves a process more akin to upgrading your operating system. Like moving from Windows XP to Windows Vista, or perhaps from a PC to a Mac.  Nothing feels familiar.  Old routines don’t accomplish what they used to.  You know there is greater functionality but using it is awkward, frustrating.  But once you master it, you are able to do all you did before. . .and more.
When a prospective coaching client says “It’s not working the way it used to” or “I just don’t know what to do anymore,” I suggest it’s time to upgrade their operating system.  We each face challenges in our lives that provide us with the opportunity to shift our world view.  Each developmental shift gives us a broader perspective, greater self-awareness, and more intentional impact.
Whether you want a minor update or an upgrade of your operating system, you might consider retaining a coach who understands and honors this process.  A coach can provide the necessary environment for reflection and experimentation, enabling you to make the changes you desire with integrity and grace.
Francine Crystal
Crystal Clear Consulting

Emerging Leaders Workshop

 On Wednesday, August 7, CCC will host its inaugural “Emerging Leaders Workshop.” This day of reflection and planning provides aspiring administrative leaders in academic settings with:
  • an opportunity to reflect on their career development in the context of higher education;
  • an overview of common challenges along the leadership development journey; and
  • guidance in preparing a professional development plan for moving forward.
This program will be held at Endicott House in Dedham, MA, and includes breakfast and lunch. The registration fee is $500. To register, or for more information,
contact Nancy Natowitz.

Quote of Note

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” 
― Albert Einstein
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