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Caution: Explicit Content
Why is what we tell our significant other about our work environment different than what we tell our boss?
Why do important conversations regarding meeting agenda items often happen outside of the meeting?
Why do we withhold feedback from employees even while being frustrated about their performance?
One answer to these questions can be found in Chris Argyris’ seminal work on Action Science. Argyris identified that most of us strive to minimize expressing or generating negative feelings and thus value acting to prevent, suppress or avoid them.
But in order to avoid negative feelings, you must decide ahead of time what might create them and then censor yourself to stay within those boundaries. This leads to polite conversation but little real learning or change.
What if you were explicit?
Often coaching is about how to make explicit what you are experiencing so that genuine, constructive dialogue and learning can take place. We ask:
~ What are you not sharing and why?
~ What is your intent?
~ What if you were explicit, even about your hesitation to be explicit?

How might your outcomes change if you:
~ Gave employees the information they need so they have the option of performing differently?
~ Structured meetings to encourage debate about options?
~ Practiced respectfully exploring differences?
What do you need to make explicit?

Francine Crystal
Crystal Clear Consulting

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“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. 

George Bernard Shaw

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