August 2014

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Online Survey Shows More Than Half Of Employees BYOA Anyways

In a recent Trackvia survey, more than half of 1,000 employees and 250 IT Workers admit to using "rogue apps", or apps not approved or provided by the enterprise. Apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and JoinMe can be the source of intellectual property leaks and unauthorized distribution according to a separate survey on senior IT professionals by Interlinks Holdings and Gigaom Research. But the fault may not be solely on employees.  Employees claim "rogue apps" are used to compensate for approved applications that are out of date, difficult and complicated.

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VMware Benchmark Report Draws Criticism 

Last week saw the publication of a commissioned VMware report with some big claims: VMware's vCloud Hybrid Service offers twice the CPU power of Microsoft Azure and three times the storage I/O performance of Amazon Web Services. Some in the cloud industry claim this is nothing more than a marketing stunt while others question the legitimacy and accuracy of the assessment. One VMware partner even found the claims irrelevant to the way customers use the public cloud. 

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IBM Prepares For Sale of x86 Server Line

Earlier this month, the U.S. Committee On Foreign Investments cleared the $2.3 billion sale of IBM's x86 server line to Beijing-based Lenovo.  Calling System x a "Lenovo product" on their website, IBM and Lenovo could be closing the deal as early as this month.  Competitors Dell and HP see the sale as an opportunity to snatch up customers uncertain or fearful about the trade. However, critics are praising Lenovo for purchasing the entire System x business unit (including staff) meaning a much more seamless and consistent transition for customers. 

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