November 2014

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Google's Cloud Offering Once Again Cuts Prices And Adds Services

After a 30-70% price cut earlier this year on their Cloud Platform, Google is once again lowering their prices on many cloud services. From a 10% cut on Google's Cloud Compute Engine to 79% off Persistent SSDs. The price cuts will put more pressure on Amazon Web Services whose recent lackluster financial results could affect their strategy to keep pace with Google pricing. But Google still has a long way to go to turn their 2014 cloud services revenue from $66 million up to Amazon Web Service's gigantic $4.7 billion. 

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Broadcom 25G Ethernet Switch Silicon Unveiled 

Broadcom has released their new Ethernet switch silicon optimized for cloud-scale data centers. Built on Broadcom's StrataXGS Trident and StrataDNX products, the new Tomahawk chipset boasts 3.2 Tbps switching capacity (32 100G ports) and features all-25Gbps per-lane interconnect, enabling transformation to 25G and 50G Ethernet networks. Broadcom was one of the founders of the 25 Gigabit Ethernet Consortium, a group of vendors and users whose goal was to promote standardization of the 25/50G standard.

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U.S.Telecoms Plan To Fight Obama On Internet Regulation

After an unexpected announcement by President Barack Obama urging the Federal Communications Commission to reclassify ISPs similar to public utilities, U.S. telecoms have announced plans to fight their threat of utility-style regulation in court and in the newly Republican dominant Capitol Hill. ISPs plan to argue the suggested FCC ruling are arbitrary and capricious in its rules. While general consumer sentiment remains largely in favor of utility like regulation, a similar 2005 FCC Supreme Court case ruled against the Commission causing skepticism among experts on the longevity of any decision.

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About Glass Box Technology

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