October 2014

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HP To Divide PC-Printer Business and Enterprise Software/Computing

HP released news earlier this month of their intent to split into two separate companies as a tax free distribution of shares. One $56 billion PC and Printing business, and a $56 billion enterprise computing, software and services business . HP CEO Meg Whitman will retain her title as CEO of the Enterprise computing business and will move to chairman of the PC-Printing business. CEO Bob Venero of Future Tech Inc calls the split "a surprise" and admits "we won't know the impact for partners, customers or stockholders until we get the nitty, gritty detail."

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New SDN Products Look To Eliminate Routers, Switches 

Compass-EOS has released SDN Forwarding Plane, a product that the company says could replace routers in service providers networks. In addition, Fiber Mountain rolled out a fiber optic connectivity management system based upon ToR switches, patch panels and orchestration software that the company says could eliminate core switches. While both these products may seem like bad news for Cisco, Cisco is in fact an investor in Compass-EOS. And while these new systems may challenge existing infrastructure, convincing network administrators to embrace such drastic changes may prove difficult. 

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EMC Forms New Cloud Unit For Business 

After reports of failed negotiations to merge with HP, EMC has reorganized its core business into two new divisions: the Emerging Technology Division and Core Technology Division. The divisions brings a new focus from EMC to its cloud management and orchestration product line with a goal to help customers work in the cloud independently of whose technology that lies within. In his new role as president of cloud management and orchestration, Brian Gallagher states, "If you buy into the idea of hundreds of thousands of clouds, like we do, then you buy into the idea of a need for software to broker the movement of workloads between them." 

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