June 2014

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VMware Aims To Be A Top 3 IaaS Cloud Provider

After Gartner’s annual Magic Quadrant placed VMware in the top 14 IaaS cloud providers, executives at the company asked users to give the company time and assured customers of their commitment to “be a top 3” cloud provider. Despite VMware’s incredible success in the hypervisor market, they haven’t had a major public cloud push until last year’s launch of vCloud Hybrid Service. However, Gartner’s biggest knock against VMware is their lack of appeal to developers compared to Amazon Web Services, the clear market leader.  VMware hopes to address these shortcomings with big plans to offer developer-friendly capabilities, plans to target independent software vendors, and building their partner community. 

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SDN Slows Router and Switch Sales

Data from Q1 of 2014 indicate that software defined networking and white box switching may be behind the pause in sales for the leading big name vendors. The pause in data center switching sales caused the market in Q1 to be off by a staggering $1 billion, the second worst first quarter on record. Cloud preferred white box switches, greater campus requirements for more wireless options, and Cisco’s Nexus 9000 line (which has been the foundation of their Application Centric Infrastructure response to SDNs) have all been major driving force behind the decline. 

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HP Says NSA Revelations Slows Public Cloud Growth


With the reveal of U.S. National Security Agency widespread surveillance, buyers outside the U.S. have become hesitant about public cloud and U.S. made tech products according to Bill Veghte, executive vice president and general manger of the HP Enterprise Group.  He joins the list of executives (including Cisco’s John Chambers) who believe the documents revealed by NSA analyst Edward Snowden, which showed widespread data collection in countries outside the U.S., have placed a “drag” on a huge global technology trend. Concerns about a lack of what could be explosive growth in China due to this hesitation have even prompted these executives to ask President Barack Obama to intervene to â€œstem the effects” on U.S. technology sales overseas

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