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MuseScore Player

We are excited to announce the release of the MuseScore Player for iOS and Android devices.
With the MuseScore Player app you can read, listen, practice and perform your scores on your mobile device. Discover thousands of free scores shared by the MuseScore community by downloading the app!

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Who is this app for?

The MuseScore Player app is designed for those who want to boost their music practice, learn and memorise faster, or simply enjoy reading and listening to scores. This app will let you listen to the notes at your chosen tempo, as well as change the volume of the other parts. These features make it much easier to learn those difficult passages and speed up your ability to perfect your part!

Why did we make MuseScore Player?

With the release of the MuseScore Player app, we are beginning to close in on our long-term vision. Just like many musicians, we at MuseScore are constantly looking for new music and arrangements to learn and perform. And for us like many other musicians, sheet music is often a frustrating obstacle that limits our ability to learn new repertoire, requiring countless hours of practice and memorization.

Much of that frustration can be attributed to the limitations of paper sheet music. If only you could hear the notes and the rhythm while practicing. If only you could zoom in on the music to make it easier to read. If only you could discover arrangements for your instrument or level without hand transcribing them. We decided we wanted to empower all musicians out there with a software to easily create digital sheet music and fix this problem altogether, thus MuseScore notation software was born.

On the heels of the success of the MuseScore notation software, we launched a sheet music sharing site at But we were still missing a critical component: a tool that would help in learning and practicing music. That’s why we are proud to share our latest creation: the MuseScore Player. This app liberates notation from the constraints of paper, and can help you learn the music you always wanted to sing or play. We hope you like it!
MuseScore founders: Nicolas Froment, Werner Schweer and Thomas Bonte
MuseScore founders Nicolas Froment, Werner Schweer and Thomas Bonte

By purchasing our MuseScore Player, you support us in the continued development of the free MuseScore notation software. It is common in the market of notation software that player apps are available at no cost, while their counterpart software can cost upwards of $600! We at MuseScore believe it’s more beneficial to offer this app at a low cost, and maintain the free status of the MuseScore music notation software.

Download MuseScore Player → 

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