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“Citizenship is verb. It’s an act of participation.”

– Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel congratulates winners of Envision Chicago

On Wednesday, July 20, the Chicago City Council passed a commemorative resolution honoring the winners of Envision Chicago and the civic engagement made possible by

The Envision Chicago pilot initiative taught civic engagement to public high school students by directly connecting them with the city laws and their representatives in city hall. The four winning students earned scholarships and spent the day meeting with their Aldermen, City Clerk Susana Mendoza, members of The OpenGov Foundation and Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

See the quotes from participating Aldermen and watch the full presentation in the City Council meeting below:

“I wish we had many many more [programs] like this where we can encourage our young people. It can show the ones that are breaking the rules that there is another way. They can become a part of the fabric of this city and not tear it apart.”

— Alderman Carrie Austin

“I want to commend City Clerk Mendoza for having the vision to bring this program to the city of Chicago and to The OpenGov Foundation for making it possible for our students to be able to learn about the process of how we create laws in the city of Chicago.”

— Alderman Roberto Maldonado

“This is the type of project I love to see in our ward and in every ward where we are actually going out to the children and saying, hey, why don’t you become a part of what we’re writing in our laws.”

— Alderman Anthony Napolitano

“I think the great part about this partnership is that it’s not just bringing technology and linking that with students. It’s not just helping, it’s involved with government and driving government and public policy.”

— Alderman Ameya Pawar

Watch the passing of the commemorative resolution and accompanying speeches during the Chicago City Council Meeting:

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