Fall 2016 at the Baldy Center: numerous conferences held at the Baldy Center; employment and scholarship achievements by former Baldy fellows, and new Baldy Fellows opportunities.

Issue 10 
Advancing Interdisciplinary Legal Scholarship since 1978
A Message from the Director
I am pleased to share this newsletter updating you on some of the recent and upcoming activities of the Baldy Center.

As you may already know, we are inviting a new round of applications for the Baldy Fellowships in Interdisciplinary Legal Studies. I am very proud of the achievements of our Baldy Fellows to date, many of whom are described below, and look forward to building on their legacy. In combination with our ongoing conferences, workshops, speakers, and research activities, the Fellows are contributing to a vibrant socio-legal studies community. I hope and trust that many of you who receive this newsletter will engage with this community and its work over time.

Meanwhile, I wish you a happy, peaceful, and rejuvenating holiday period.

Errol Meidinger, Director
Recent News
2017-19 Baldy Center Fellowships in Interdisciplinary Legal Studies Available
The Baldy Center plans to award several fellowships commencing in Fall 2017 to scholars pursuing important topics in law, legal institutions, and social policy. Applications are invited from junior and senior scholars from law, the humanities, and the social sciences. Post-Doctoral Fellowships are available to individuals who have completed the Ph.D. or J.D. or equivalent but have not yet begun a tenure track appointment. Fellows are expected to participate regularly in Baldy Center events, but otherwise have no obligations beyond vigorously pursuing their research. Refer to the On-Line Application (Due: Jan. 17th, 2017) for further details.
Conference on Trans-Pacific Partnership Held at Baldy Center 
On November 5th, 2016, the Baldy Center held a symposium on the the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Organized by UB Department of Geography professors Trina Hamilton, Abigail Cooke, and Marion Werner and School of Law professor Meredith Kolsky Lewis, the symposium evaluated how this far-reaching accord seeks to harmonize and, in some instances, deepen the transnational governance of labor, the environment, and intellectual property, among other areas. According to Hamilton, the conference concluded with "concern that these provisions might lead to 'regulatory chill' (i.e. preventing governments from imposing regulations aimed at public health or environmental protection, for instance) as governments anticipate challenges from multinational corporations. The symposium focused on these crucial governance and development issues, in addition to addressing the inevitable production and job reshuffling resulting from tariff reductions. It aimed to move conversation beyond nationalist predictions toward a global justice framework for discussing the potential outcomes of the agreement, such as implications for marginalized populations and ecological sustainability.  
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Baldy Center Hosts Workshop on Emerging Issues in Genetics and the Law
On October 21st-22nd, the Baldy Center held a groundbreaking workshop that brought together scholars to contemplate the cultural, scientific, regulatory, and normative implications of gene editing technologies for the future of life. Funded by the Law School's Mitchel Lecture Program, the workship addressed pressing questions: What kind of futures do gene editing technologies portend and what imaginaries of progress, risk, and control guide their regulation? The workshop gathered scholars from a diverse range of disciplines including law, philosophy, biology, ecology, anthropology, medicine, media, and the arts to interrogate how merging biotechnologies are ushering in a new era of genetic engineering. In this new era, the technical means to modify life are becoming cheaper, faster, more accurate, and more widely accessible than ever before. Organized by William J. Magavern Faculty Scholar and Professor of Law Irus Braverman, the formal portion of the Mitchel Lecture Program involved formal lectures by Professors Sheila Jasanoff (Harvard) and Kevin Esvelt (MIT) followed by questions from the other participants and the audience.
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Baldy Center Hosts Conference on Buddhism, Law and Society
In late September, the Baldy Center hosted a two-day, international conference in the exciting new area of Buddhism, Law, and Society. Titled "Buddhist Law and State Law in Comparative Perspective," the gathering brought together scholars whose work touches on the theme of Buddhism and law from multiple perspectives and across a variety of regions and time periods. Organized by UB Professor of Law Rebecca French, a key goal of this conference was to encourage new conversations and collaborations among scholars working in different areas. The conference built on the edited collection, Buddhism and Law: An Introduction (Cambridge, 2014) by French and Mark Nathan, UB Assistant Professor of History and Asian Studies. The conference also served as the official launch of the first issue of the new peer-reviewed, academic journal Buddhism, Law & Society (William S. Hein Publishing).
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Updates on Former Baldy Fellows
Yun-Ru Chen, 2014-15 Baldy Postdoctoral Fellow, is an assistant professor at the Waseda Institute for Advanced Study at Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan), where she teaches Comparative Family Law and East Asian Law. Her article “‘Rule of Law’ as an Anti-Colonial Discourse: Taiwanese Liberal Nationalists”was published in Law Text Culture in 2014. She currently has numerous manuscripts written and in the process of publication. After receiving a Doctor of Juridical Science from Harvard Law School, she held a postdoctoral fellowship at the Baldy Center following a research fellowship in the Institute for Global Law and Policy at Harvard.
Laura R. Ford, 2014-16 Baldy Postdoctoral Fellow, is currently Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology at Bard College. Her article “Intellectual Property & Industrialization: Legalizing Hope in Economic Growth” is forthcoming in Theory & Society. Ford’s other scholarly achievements during her time at the Baldy Center include a law review article, “Patenting the Social: Alice, Abstraction, and Functionalism in Software Patent Claims” (Cardozo Public Law, Policy and Ethics Journal, 2016). Ford completed a Ph.D. in Sociology at Cornell University, and previously earned an LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law and Policy from University of Washington Law School, and a J.D. from Tulane Law School.
Jesse J. Norris, 2013-15 Baldy Postdoctoral Fellow, is currently Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at SUNY Fredonia. He has two articles forthcoming from research conducted during his time at the Baldy Center: “Entrapment and Terrorism on the Left: An Analysis of Post-9/11 Cases" (New Criminal Law Review, 2016), and “Estimating the Prevalence of Entrapment in Post-9/11 Terrorism Cases (first author, co-authored with Hanna Grol-Prokopczyk)” (Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, 2016). He earned his Ph.D. in sociology and his J.D. at the University of Wisconsin Madison.
Anna Su, 2013-14 Baldy Postdoctoral Fellow, is Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. Her book, Exporting Freedom: Religious Liberty and American Power, charts the rise of religious freedom as an ideal firmly enshrined in international law was published by Harvard University Press in January 2016. She also published two articles in 2016: “"Catholic Constitutionalism from the Americanist Controversy to Dignitatis Humanae” (Notre Dame Law Review, 2016) and "Judging Religious Sincerity” (Oxford Journal of Law and Religion, 2016).
Nimer Sultany, 2012-13 Baldy Postdoctoral Fellow, is Senior Lecturer in Public Law, School of Law, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He holds an S.J.D. from Harvard Law School; an LL.M. from University of Virginia; an LL.M. from Tel Aviv University; and an LL.B. from the College of Management. His recent scholarship includes "Duncan Kennedy on Constitutional Theory and Palestine" (Unbound: Harvard Journal of the Legal, 2015) and "Activism and Legitimation in Israel's Jurisprudence of Occupation" (Social and Legal Studies, 2014).
Julia Tomassetti, 2012-13 Baldy Postdoctoral Fellow, is currently Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Hong Kong. Following her time at the Baldy Center and prior to starting her position at the University of Hong Kong, she was a Law Research Fellow at Georgetown University Law Center from 2013–2015 and was Jerome Hall Postdoctoral Fellow at Center for Law, Society, and Culture at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law from 2015–2016. She used her time at the Baldy Center to revise her dissertation into the basis of her first two law review articles: “From Hierarchies to Markets: FedEx Drivers and the Work Contract as Institutional Marker” (Lewis & Clark Law Review, 2015) and “The Contracting/Producing Ambiguity and Collapse of the Means/Ends Distinction in Employment” (South Carolina Law Review, 2014).
Natasha Tusikov, 2014-15 Baldy Postdoctoral Fellow, is currently a visiting fellow at the School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet) at the Australian National University and an adjunct professor in the Department of Sociology at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Her book, Chokepoints: Global Private Regulation on the Internet, traces how major Internet firms like Google operate as gatekeepers for intellectual property rights and was published by University of California Press in November 2016. She also currently has two fully funded research projects: she is a co-investigator on a two-year project funded by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research (SSHRC) Insight Development Grant on knowledge regulation on the Internet and is the sole investigator of a one-year project funded by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada on corporate surveillance and privacy. She received her Ph.D. in Sociology from the Regulatory Institutions Network at the Australian National University.
Upcoming Events, Opportunities, and Other News
Fall 2016 Distinguished Speakers
Kenneth W. Abbott, Jack E. Brown Professor of Law, Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law | Sept. 9th, 2016 | Experimentalist Governance 2.0: Taking 'Experiments' (More) Seriously
Ahmed White, Professor of Law, University of Colorado Law School | Oct. 14th, 2016 | It's Own Dubious Battle: The Impossible Defense of An Effective Right to Strike
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Spring 2017 Distinguished Speakers
Mitra Sharafi, Associate Professor of Law, University of Wisconsin Law School | March 3rd, 2017 
Erin F. Delaney, Associate Professor of Law, Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law | March 10th, 2017
Douglas NeJaime, Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law and Faculty Director, The Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law | March 17th, 2017
Hiroshi Motomura, Susan Westerberg Prager Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law | April 14th, 2017
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2017-18 Baldy Research Grants Available
Baldy research grants are available to non-adjunct University at Buffalo faculty members. The deadline for 2017-2018 grant applications is March 27th, 2017. 
Grant Application
2016-2017 Baldy Center Research Grant Recipients
The Baldy Center is pleased to announce that it is able to support the following research projects for 2016-2017:

Annahita BallElizabeth Bowen, and Annette Semanchin-Jones, School of Social Work: Improving Educational Outcomes for Homeless and Child Welfare-Involved Youth in Greater Buffalo through Cross-Systems Collaboration
Samantha Barbas, Law: The Most Loved, Most Hated Magazine in America: Confidential Magazine and the Transformation of Freedom of the Press
Anya Bernstein, Law: Administrative Law from the Administrative Perspective in Taiwan
Irus Braverman, Law: The Law of the Land: Nature Reserves in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
Jang Wook Huh, English; Asian Studies Program; Gender Institute: School Cross-Racial Justice in the Pacific
Charles M. Lamb, Political Science: Presidents, Bureaucracy, and Fair Housing in America
Christopher Mele, Sociology: The Entrepreneurial Turn in Housing Policy: Effects on the Provision of Affordable Rental Housing
Athena Mutua, Law: Black Power on Trial: The Kansas Nine
Anthony O'Rourke, Law:  Civil and Criminal Discovery
Erkin Ozay, Architecture: Building a Public Institution: The Case of Henderson-Hopkins School and Middle East Baltimore
Deborah Reed-Danahay, Anthropology: Being French in London: National Social Space and European Mobility Regimes
Lauren Sassoubre, Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering; Jessica Owley, Law:  Exploring the Legal and Scientific Feasibility of Using Recycled Water from Dairy Farms for Agricultural Irrigation
Robert Silverman, Urban and Regional Planning: Model Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs): An Emerging Tool for Negotiating Equitable Development
Jessica Su, Sociology:  Labor Market Conditions and Unintended Pregnancy
Gwynn Thomas, Global Gender Studies/Transnational Studies:  Hidden Activists: The Role of Civil Servants in Promoting Gender Equality in Latin America
Marion Werner, Geography: Trade and Agro-Food Systems Regulation in the Caribbean
Li Yin, Urban and Regional Planning: Spatial Clustering of Abandonment and Demolition: A Case Study in Buffalo, New York
Ezra B.W. Zubrow, Anthropology: Cultural Heritage as a Human Right
Grant and Other Opportunities
Annual Law and Society Association Meeting
LSA's 2017 international meeting, "Walls, Borders, and Bridges: Law and Society in an Inter-Connected World," is jointly sponsored by the Law and Society Association, the Research Committee on the Sociology of Law, and with the participation of the Socio-Legal Studies Association, the Japanese Association of the Sociology of Law, and the Canadian Law and Society Association, and other groups. It will take place in a great metropolis, Mexico City, Mexico, June 20-23, 2017.
Conference Information
Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference
SLSA's annual meeting will be held at Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, from April 5th-7th, 2017. The conference website has information about keynote speakers, registration, and the conference program. 
Conference Information
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