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Ada County Woodworkers

May Newsletter

May 11, 2016

Minutes of the May 11, 2016 meeting held at Woodcraft in Boise.

President Brian Bass called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM.

New members


Kurt Wiedenmann
New at Woodcraft

Steve Merrill talked about new items and sale items at the store:
  • Jigs for drawer handles have returned to stock.
  • Basswood rounds for carving are available.
  • Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint is available.
  • Festool vacuums are on sale at 15% off.

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Floyd Bird said we had received a $500 check from Idaho Artistry in Wood.  The current treasury balance is $1061.18.


Warren Shepherd had some information on a patented trucker console accessory being made and sold by a gentleman who is looking for people interested in making them to expand his business.  Warren has the contact information.

Brian Bass said the tour of High Desert Hardwoods had six attendees.  He may schedule another tour in the future to acquaint members with their facility and the services they offer.

There is a statewide project to make ornaments for Christmas trees.  Brian Bass will get some more information.

Old Business

The annual picnic in conjunction with the turners will be August 13th at 5 PM (to be verified) at Veterans Memorial Park in Boise.

A feature of the picnic will be a “bag of wood” exchange.  Bring 2 board feet of wood in any configuration (within reason) to the next club meeting (June 8).  You can have a bit more, but not less.  Put your name and phone number inside.  Members will exchange bags and make something with only the wood in the bag they select.  You must use all the wood.  Bring the completed project to the picnic with the name of the person who brought the wood.  That person will get the completed project.  You should get a completed project from whoever picked your bag of wood.


Tech Tips

Ryan Schumacher said a mini quilting iron his wife had worked well for steaming out a dent in one of his woodworking projects.

New Business

Brian Bass reported that he is trying to arrange demonstrations on sand shading and woodburning for upcoming meetings.


Regular Raffle: two dust masks (the winners were asked to provide feedback), a saw blade donated by Floyd Bird and sharpened by Dave’s Palouse Resharp, a Wixey angle gauge, a donated book Building Traditional Kitchen Cabinets, some painter’s pyramids, wood antiquing/aging product.

Class Raffle: Al Thaw won the gift card worth $60.00 toward a Woodcraft class.

Show & Tell

Brad Winters had a shelf with a hidden compartment underneath.

Brian Bass showed his tablesaw jig for making bowl segments for turning.  Along with the main jig, there is an adjustable stop, and a blade insert with a tapered piece that causes the cutoffs to fall away from the blade.


The subject was router jigs.

Ron Lee talked about router selection.  Some tips; get a router with an edge guide and add a wood fence to make it longer so it works better at the beginning and end of the cut, take care of the cord (don’t wrap it tightly around the body so it makes a sharp bend where it goes into the router body), make sure it uses standard router bushings.

Ron showed a jig he used to make many dadoes for shelves over the years.  It is basically a custom square (kind of like a speed square) with a fence to guide the router at right angles to the long edge of the shelf side.  The base is thin material trimmed with the bit to be used so the edge can be aligned with a mark to cut the dado.  He uses a story pole to get consistent marks on multiple pieces.  Get bits to match the plywood if you’re using it since most is thinner than the nominal size.  If necessary, you can probably rotate the router body slightly and make a second pass to make the dado a bit wider since your base probably isn’t exactly centered on the bit.

Bruce Johnstone showed his box joint jig.  The jig is screwed to a miter gauge and used with a router table.  Use an odd number of pin widths for your drawer height so the side has pins at the top and bottom.  Make sure to mark your stock so you don’t
mix up your pieces when routing.

Brian Bass showed Bob Rudkin’s center finder for routing mortices on the edge of boards.  It is a simple jig made from two dowels fixed to the router base.

Brian also had a jig he uses to cut the kerfs for keys to strengthen mitered corners.  It can accommodate boxes of various widths and could be used on a router table to make dovetail keys or with a router table or tablesaw to make rectangular keys.

Micheal Kingsley had a jig for routing a rabbet around the edge of guitar bodies for bindings.  His jig has a post mounted to a base with two drawer slides on adjacent faces of the post.  Attached to the slides is a base to hold a small router.  The slides allow the router to move up and down while holding the router so the router base remains steady horizontally.  The base has a cleat so the jig can be clamped in a bench vise or something like a Workmate©.  The guitar body is rotated around and the slides allow the router to raise and lower as a bearing guided bit cuts the rabbet.

Ryan Schumacher talked about making half-blind drawer dovetails using a Porter Cable jig that wasn’t designed for the thin sides he was using.  He had to do a bit of hand trimming with a chisel, but was able to make the jig work.

Bob Middleton showed a jig he used to hollow out a box – or was it a bowl?

The meeting was adjourned at 9 PM.

Alan Hochhalter, Secretary


Attached is a letter Ron Lee received from the Ronald McDonald house thanking the club for a box of wood cars donated to them.

Upcoming Events:

Next meeting: 7:00 PM, June 8, 2016 at Boise Woodcraft.
June topic will be shop layout, fittings, and tools.


2016 Officers:

President – Brian Bass
Vice President – Scott Taylor
Treasurer – Floyd Bird
Secretary – Alan Hochhalter
Meeting Refreshments – Kelly Christensen
Member-At-Large – John Pickrell

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