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Ada County Woodworkers

March Newsletter

March 09, 2016
Minutes of the March 09, 2016 Meeting held at Woodcraft in Boise.
President Brian Bass called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

New members

Greg Laux
Ryan Schumacher



Tom Filippino
Otto Westrick



IAW Store Sales

Ron Lee reported that store sales were $657.00.  He thanked Don Blasdel, Bruce Johnstone, Bill Johnson, Peter Leech, and Kelly Christensen for helping.  ACWW got $33.00 from the sales.  State sales tax forms have been sent in.  Cutting boards sold well, especially smaller ones. 

Ron is looking for someone to take over the store next year.

The Southwest Idaho Woodturners are having a demo; a flyer was passed around.

Al Shaw from the scrollers said he had some cherry, apple and plum trees to be cut Saturday, March 12 at 10AM if anyone was interested.

Gene Ralston has some apricot wood.

According to the bylaws, members who have not paid their yearly dues by the end of March will have their membership terminated.

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Floyd Bird reported the current balance in the treasury is $579.73.  $392.49 was spent in the last month for 5,000 axles and 2,400 wheels for the toy project.


New at Woodcraft

Steve Merrill talked about a few new items at the store:

  • An electronic torpedo level.
  • A Wood River pepper mill kit with four different sizes in one.
  • A cabinet hinge alignment kit.
  • Karcher wet/dry shop vacs.
  • Woodcraft will be coming out with a chalk paint brand.
  • A Wagner Home Décor sprayer for chalk paint.
  • Pioneer wood treatment to make wood look old.

Old Business

Idaho Artistry in Wood

Brian Bass said ACWW will get about $700.00 from IAW, but the exact amount has not been determined yet.  The post show meeting has not been held yet.

The featured artist next year will be a woodworker.  The club needs nominations for woodworkers from Idaho.  They don’t need to be club members.  Bob Hughes was nominated.


About 2000 toys were donated to the Shriners this year.


The motion made last month to grant life membership with no dues required to officers who have served three or more years was discussed.  The need to establish a new membership class in the bylaws was discussed.  A bylaw change needs to be made at the November annual meeting.  The motion was allowed to die.


New Business

President Brian Bass appointed John Pickrell member-at-large as required by the bylaws.

Tech Tips

Alan Hochhalter reported on a video he had seen on YouTube of a boat builder using a long plastic bag as a steam box.  This eliminated the need to store a box when not being used, eliminated the need to get the item being steamed out of the box and bent rapidly since it can be bent in the bag, and allows steam to be applied after bending reducing spring back. Search YouTube for two videos by Tips from a Shipwright; “Steam bending wood without using a steambox” and “How to steam bend wooden boat frames in plastic bags instead of a traditional steam box”




Regular Raffle: a Wixey angle gauge, 2 $15 Woodcraft gift cards, a piece of Walnut, three apples.
No class raffle this month.

Show & Tell

Brad Winters had two cutting boards with inlaid boots.  Materials used are oak, walnut, maple, poplar.

Ken Viste showed a bandsaw box.  The top is cut before the core is cut out on a slight angle.  The bottom of the core can then be sliced of and used for the bottom.  Ken shaped the top to match the box after gluing it to a slice from the top of the core.

Brian Bass had some turning projects; a pen, two turned boxes of horse chestnut, a bowl, and a platter.


John Zahurak had two inlaid table legs he made as samples for a table he is making for his sister.  One leg was made of cherry, the other of mahogany.  Sand shaded holly, ebony, and maple burl were used for the inlay.


Steve Merrill from Woodcraft gave a presentation on dust collection.

Steve talked about pipe runs using PVC or metal pipe.  He suggested metal is better, but make sure you use at least 26 gauge; thinner pipe may collapse due to the suction of the collector if at least one blast gate isn’t open.

Dust collectors should be sized according to the length of the pipe runs and tool CFM requirements.  Books are available with tables to help size your system.

A shop vac can be used for smaller tools.  The next step up would be a basic dust collector with a filter bag.  The best systems use a cyclone collector with a canister filter.

Cyclone pre-collectors are available for shop vacs and basic dust collectors to catch dust and chips before they reach the main unit.  This reduces the need to clean filters as often.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Alan Hochhalter, Secretary

Upcoming Events:

Next meeting: 7:00 PM, April 13, 2016 at Boise Woodcraft.
Aaron Cornell will discuss box joints with the Leigh jig.

May topic will be router jigs.
June will be shop layout, fittings, and tools.


2016 Officers:

President – Brian Bass
Vice President – Scott Taylor
Treasurer – Floyd Bird
Secretary – Alan Hochhalter
Meeting Refreshments – Kelly Christensen


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