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Ada County Woodworkers

November Newsletter

November 11, 2015

Minutes of the November 11, 2015 meeting held at Woodcraft in Boise.

President Brian Bass called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


New members


Michael Civiello


New at Woodcraft

Steve Merrill talked about a few new items at the store:
  • A rubberized circular saw blade carrier.
  • Padded wrap-on grip tape for tools, etc.
  • A Wood River camp axe kit.
  • Record Power carving tool set.
  • The Black Friday sale will feature Jet clamps in 3 sizes at 50% off. Jet tools will be 15% off, and accessories 20% off.
  • Some Roman Olive wood is in stock from pen blanks to turning blocks.

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Jack Keifer reported the current balance in the treasury is $491.93.



John Pickrell recognized Ken Viste for his service as a veteran. He joined in September of 1945 just as WWII was ending.

Steve Young announced that the November 7 Turn For Troops event at the store featured 21 lathes and 45-50 people. 1307 pens were completed A few pen blanks and parts remain. If 100 more are completed that will make 14,000 pens in the last twelve years.

Ron Lee said he had found some 1-1/2” thick alder by dumpster diving and had a box from a piece of it. He also had some sample boxes made to give to the Shriners and said he has some free wood if members want to use it to make boxes. Ron said he had some pieces of wood in his car that members could take to make boxes from.

Brian Bass reported that Kevin Johnson of the turners has a brother, Kent, who is project manager for the City of Boise WaterShed Environmental Education Center. They're looking for woodworkers to make some wood pieces for kids to play with. The idea is to make various pieces of wood blocks (4x4 or 6x6 cross section) or sections of tree limb (6”-10” dia?), possibly longer pieces of small branches, that kids can use at the site.


Old Business

Christmas Party

John Pickrell gave an update on the party. It will be December 9th at the Presbyterian Church at 6500 Overland Road, Boise. John asked for volunteers to make mashed potatoes and cook a turkey. If your last name starts with A-M bring a dessert, N-Z side dishes. Bring a gift if you want to participate in the gift exchange. Park in the back of the church.


New Business

Idaho Artistry in Wood

Brian Bass said the judging categories had changed a bit and asked for comments. The categories need to be finalized by December 1st. There will be no sales of items from the show on the floor. The only sales (aside from a few vendors) will be from the IAW store that Ron Lee is in charge of.

Annual Project Show and Awards

Awards for the Project Judging at the meeting are as follows: Exhibitors get two free raffle tickets. First place in each category will get $10.00. Best Of Show gets $40.00 and the People's Choice award winner $25.00. If the People's Choice winner is the same as Best of Show, the People's Choice award will go to the 2nd place entry. Brian Bass and Bill Johnson will do the judging this year.


The following slate of officers for 2016 was elected without opposition: President – Brain Bass, Vice President – Scott Taylor, Secretary – Alan Hochhalter, Treasurer – Floyd Bird.


John Pickrell and guest Michael Civiello gave a presentation on an accordian tuner that Michael had John make. It is a box with a bellows to blow air through the reeds of an accordian so they can be tuned. Michael talked about accordian construction and tuning and played a couple of tunes

Annual Project Show Awards


1 – Bruce Johnstone - Toolboxes

These tool chests have red oak frames with bubinga faces. Joinery is mortice and tenon with hand-cut dovetails in the case and machine cut dovetails in the drawers.

2 – John Pickrell – Table/Stool

The top is removable to convert from table to stool. John said he wanted to experiment with mortice and tenon joinery.

3 – Bob Ancin – Wall Table

Veneer won in a club raffle; poplar with Java gel stain.




1 – Dan Huffman – Knight Box

Approximately 200 pieces of wood were used; club raffle veneer, ebony. Three smaller boxes are inside.

2 – Bob Middleton – Handled Box

Mahogany and maple.



1 – Brad Winters – Train

The third one Brad has built; each more complex than the last. Walnut, oak, maple, cherry.


2 – Kelly Christensen – Cribbage Board

Russian olive. Free form based on branch shape. Inlay was purchased. There is a door on the end for the pins made from a piece of computer disk.


3 – Brad Winters – Race Car

One of a series of models of Meridian Speedway cars.



1 – Micheal Kingsley – Two Small Bowls

Box elder wood.


2 – John Pickrell - Vases

These vases are a combination of woodworking and turning copied from a porcelain original. The paint is Fred Meyer Chalk Paint.


3 – Rich Froehlich – Two Pens

Bocote, African blackwood, aluminum, maple.




1 – Micheal Kingsley – Guitar

Indian rosewood front & back, maple accents, purpleheart & redheart inlay; French polish finish..


2 – Brad Winters – Cutting Board

Inlay goes all the way through; maple, cherry, walnut.


3 – Micheal Kingsley – Shop Light

Provides raking light for finishing. LED lamp from Lowes.



Regular raffle: four $15 Woodcraft gift cards, three groups of alder blocks donated by Ron Lee.  A piece of wood for boxes that Ron had.
Class raffle: Next raffle in February 2016.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:56 PM.

Alan Hochhalter, Secretary

Upcoming Events:

            NO DECEMBER MEETING due to the Christmas Party.

Christmas Party: December 09, Meet 6 PM, eat at 6:30 PM at the Presbyterian Church, 6500 Overland Road, Boise. If your last name starts with A-M bring a desert, N-Z side dishes.

Bring a gift if you want to participate in the gift exchange.

Next meeting: 7:00 PM, January 13, 2016 at Boise Woodcraft.

Idaho Artistry in Wood, February 26, 27, 28, 2016.


2015 Officers:
President – Brian Bass
Vice President – Scott Taylor
Treasurer – Jack Keifer
Secretary – Alan Hochhalter
Meeting Refreshments – Kelly Christensen
2016 Officers:
President – Brian Bass
Vice President – Scott Taylor
Treasurer – Floyd Bird
Secretary – Alan Hochhalter
Meeting Refreshments – Kelly Christensen
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