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Ada County Woodworkers

August Newsletter

March 08, 2017

Minutes of the March 08, 2017 meeting held at Woodcraft in Boise.

President Brian Bass called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM.


New members

Cal Kosberg
Michael Giltzow
Tim Cripe
Dayton Young
(All of these new members joined at the Idaho Artistry in Wood show)


New at Woodcraft

Monte showed us a new variable speed shop blower available for about $50. Carter Products (the bandsaw products people) has some new turning tools called The AXE; they have a handle with a “flattened” end to help orient the cutting edge at an attractive price ($99 including an extra tip).  Woodcraft also has some new panel clamps that have two rails to hold the pieces in alignment and eliminate curvature due to uneven clamping pressure.

Treasurer's Report

No report available.  Treasurer Floyd Bird has resigned as treasurer.  Bill Johnson will be our new treasurer to fill out the remainder of Floyd’s term.


Brian has some contact information for a gentleman who makes the signs that realtors use.  He is looking for someone to help fill his orders.  Anyone interested would need to come up with a price quote.  Contact Brian for information.

Brian also has some information on a Delta wood lathe for sale.

Old Business

Shriner Toys

The club donated 937 cars to the EL Korah Shriners at the Idaho Artistry in Wood show.  The Shriners will deliver them to the Shriners Hospitals.

Shriner Toys

Bill Johnson reported that attendance this year was 1582, compared to 1037 (best previous) in 2015.  There were 415 entries compared to 436 last year.  Raffle income was $584 compared to $813 last year.  The silent auction brought in $656, vs $817 last year and $2300 in 2014.

Boise Watershed Project

Brian and Jack Kiefer worked on the joints for the balance streams part of the project.  The individual play areas are now called Play Pockets.  Brian is working on signs at Woodcraft.  The opening is planned for April 12th, so we have work to do to make up for time lost due to bad weather.

New Business


Tech Tips

John Pickrell had some more Rikon bandsaw tips.  Apparently the blade guides move.  The guides under the table are difficult to get to.  Rikon came out with a new design in October and did away with the lower guides.

Regular Raffle: The first item was a box made by Ken Viste that was won by Scott Taylor.  Other items were two $15 Woodcraft gift cards, a group of Wood magazines, a “Duct Tape Book”, and some poplar pieces.

Class Raffle: class raffle next month.
Show & Tell

Bruce Johnstone had a dulcimer to show.  He says you can’t build it wrong!  They have from three to twelve strings.  His is made of fiddleback maple, walnut, and padouk.



Bob Johnson gave a slide show “All about Wood.”

Some topics that Bob covered:

  • Trees
    • Four Classes of Trees
      • Hardwoods (broadleaf, deciduous)
      • Softwoods (conifers)
      • Palms
      • Ginkgo (very old)
    • Cellulose is the main component, which is also the main component of cotton (in a tree the fibers are interconnected, in cotton they are not)
    • Lignin is the “glue” that holds the fibers together
    • Growth rings composed of earlywood (bigger cells/vessels, and latewood
    • Hardwoods also have ray cells that are oriented radially in the tree
    • Six layers of the tree cross section:
      • Outer bark offers protection (dead wood)
      • Inner bark or phloem that carries sugars and other compounds to parts of the tree where it is needed
      • The cambium forms new tissue
      • Sapwood is the younger wood and conducts water and minerals to the leaves
      • Heartwood is the older dead wood in the center of the tree
      • The pith is the very inner core of the tree
  • Cuts of a log
    • Through and through (or flitch cut) involves cutting the log into slabs from one side to the other
    • Plain sawn or flat sawn lumber generally has the annual rings 30 degrees or less to the face of the board
    • Quarter sawn lumber has the annual rings generally 60 to 90 degrees to the face of the board
    • Rift sawn lumber has annual rings between 30 and 60 degrees with 45 degrees preferred.  (A rift sawn square timber will look similar on all four faces.)
  • Expansion/contraction due to moisture (drying)
    • Longitudinal - along the length - has the least movement
    • Tangential – around the circumference – more movement
    • Radial – on a radius line from the center – has the most movement
  • Other defects
    • Twist/wind – think propeller
    • Kink – abrupt, localized bend
    • Cup – concave/convex along width
    • Checks – splits due (mostly) to unequal shrinkage due to drying or mechanical damage due to pressure across a cupped board
    • Bow – warp along the length
  • Reaction wood where wood on one side is in compression, tension on the other, causing movement such as twisting/winding/bowing after cutting or milling
    • Can be caused by limbs joining the main tree
    • Leaning trees
    • The pith is not centered
  • Grading
    • Graders have very little time to grade a board
    • Hardwoods typically firsts and seconds mixed because the difference is very small – based on size of defect free boards available in a piece
    • Selects – next grade down
    • Common – lower
    • Softwood grading is based on the end use
    • Industry associations set the rules
  • Drying
    • Air drying and kiln drying
    • Drying reduces the amount of free water which isn’t bound chemically
    • Bound moisture is inside the cell wall
  • Gluing boards into wide panels
    • Alternating the grain typically causes scallops due to alternating cupping up and down
    • Orienting the grain the same way will cause the overall panel to cup one way or the other
  • Toxicity
    • Some woods are quite toxic and can cause allergic reactions
    • Yew is an example of a poisonous wood
    • Spalted wood is caused by fungal decay, so be cautious when working 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:47 PM.

Alan Hochhalter, Secretary

Upcoming Events:

Next meeting April 12th, 7PM, Woodcraft in Boise.


2016-2017 Officers:

President – Brian Bass
Vice President – Scott Taylor
Treasurer – Bill Johnson
Secretary – Alan Hochhalter
Meeting Refreshments – Kelly Christensen
Member-At-Large – John Pickrell


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