A personal letter from John H. Armstrong.
A letter from John Armstrong

Our Final ACT3 Weekly Is Coming


Dear ACT3 Network Friends:

On Monday, August 26, 2018, I will send our FINAL ACT3 Weekly to you.  

Because I do not presume on your precious time or continued personal interest I have chosen not to add all the names from the ACT3 Weekly list to our new e-list for The Initiative. You must sign up for these new mailings for The Initiative if you want to receive this correspondence. Initially, at least until June 30, 2019, I will write most of these emails. But after I retire on June 30 others will take over this correspondence. I will serve The Initiative as a non-board member and an unsalaried ambassador. Others will take the lead in this new work for the future. This all-new venture of faith came about as a result of the twenty-seven years of ACT3 sowing seed that has produced a harvest we long to see proper for oneness among Christians.

If you want to stay connected to The Initiative sign up for these emails at

Note also that after August 30 checks should be also made out to The Initiative. The mailing address remains the same:

The Initiative
P. O. Box 88216
Carol Stream, IL 60188

Grace and peace to you, my friends,


John H. Armstrong
President and Founder ACT3 Network
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