A personal letter from John H. Armstrong.
A letter from John Armstrong

President's Letter 2018 – Green Lake


May 29, 2018

Dear Friend of ACT3,

In less than four weeks the first major step in a planned transformation of ACT3 into an intentional community begins. Over 65 adults will gather in Wisconsin to prayerfully consider forming a new community committed to the idea that missional-ecumenism should be a core value for Christians and churches in our time. 

Two years ago the Holy Spirit led the board of ACT3 to form this community. I had no idea that this would happen or how this would evolve. Now I see a small cloud forming on the horizon as a group of godly men and women, including both clergy and non-clergy from most of our historic churches. We represent a multi-ethnic and multi-generational background and we meet to pray and explore God’s “big idea.” I do not honestly know what to expect but I believe the Spirit will be present as we meet together.

What can you do to help The Initiative in these early stages?

You can still register to attend, before June 1, at

  1. You can pray for us, especially during the days of June 24-28. And you can continue to pray for this work in the months ahead.
  2. You can watch videos we make at the Green Lake gathering once we put them online.
  3. You can send me a personal email and ask that your name be added to our growing list of people genuinely interested in The Initiative. Mail your request to I will share our news with you and invite you to attend regional and/or national gatherings. I hope to visit a number of regions in the next twelve months meeting with small groups and friends who want to help us form this community. In my last year as president, before I retire June 30, 2019, I will actively help this movement get started. Mark the dates of June 23-27, 2019, for our covenanting at Green Lake 2019. Then, in 2020, we hope to meet in several different regions to to grow and develop our mission together. 
  4. Finally, you can help us with a financial gift. We have given scholarships to those who needed help to come Green Lake 2018. We covered no one’s travel but we helped many people with the conference expenses and lodging based upon their need. You can donate to help your brothers and sisters at

One brother attending Green Lake wrote me several weeks ago to share what many others have said to me over the last four months. Here is his letter:

God has been leading me in what I consider something of a strange path. (Maybe such is the way of all God's leadings in this world). I was not quite sure why I was placed where I was, or where I was going—I did know I was placed, and I did know I was going somewhere. I believe this is an important step in this path. I have been striving my entire life to know the more important things that make everything else worthwhile--the meaningful foundations that make all else able to stand. I have found that this is the Love of God in Christ, as empowered and worked by His Spirit, through the hearts of His faithful children. It is interesting how the very thing emphasized by Jesus, Paul, and John can be so easily missed by the eye and mind of man. 

I believe this planned time together at Green Lake comes at a most opportune time to me (and all others who are attending). I believe this is a divinely-appointed meeting and it is in answer to the prayer of my desire to explore further and live more fully in God's Love; to live a life pursuing the Life of The Kingdom that comes about by those who are animated and led by His Spirit. . . and to live in the present unity of His Spirit that is shared with a diversity of peoples—in spite of the disparities of knowledge and/or the contradictions of lesser things. 

God bless all those who are striving to live by the authority of His Spirit and be beacons of His Light, in this world where the schemes and devices of the adversary seek to show friends to appear like enemies. I'm praying for it. 

Will you join us in praying for this meeting? Will you help others who need your gifts to come and share in this important gathering? A gift today is more important that at almost any time in our history. Again, the link to donate for scholarships and support the Green Lake event at

Pax Christi,

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