A personal letter from John H. Armstrong.
A letter from John Armstrong

An Update on The Initiative


Dear Friends:

I have been blessed by many friends over these last three decades of work for unity among Christians. These friends include Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant Christians of all varieties and backgrounds. The richness of these friendships is what led our team to form The Initiative in June of 2016.

In a recent live stream Bishop Robert Barron, who has done several great dialogues with me in public contexts, refers to Rick Warren and then he refers to me and our friendship.  I am humbled by this personal reference and thank many of you who sent it to me over the last 24 hours. If you missed this great interview this is the link.

At the 25:30 minute mark he answers a question about Protestants watching the Catholicism series and here refers to me. 

I am particularly honored by his words. They are both kind and true. I have learned so much from my friend and 95%+ of what he teaches on this fine series is “basic” orthodox Christianity that can benefit anyone with a heart to learn and listen. 

I love Bishop Barron’s spirit and I love that our friendship has become a treasure to us both.

Pray for The Initiative as you watch and know that this kind of fruit is the evidence of how we can sepal to one another in love and grow in grace and knowledge by doing so. 

I enjoyed a rich time in Indianapolis Sunday-Monday as ask for your particular prayers for the work of The Initiative in that great city.

Remember, if you are to receive message from The Initiative you need to sign up at:

Remember, after September 1 we will be known as The Initiative for public reference and for donations. 

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