“Lights Out” at the Edmonton City Center Airport

On November 30, 2013 the runway lights at Edmonton’s City Center Airport were turned off for good at 23:59. The control tower is closed, all airside buildings have been vacated, runways are “X”d off and all gates locked.  Over eighty years of aviation history has come to an end.  Demolition of the runway surfaces will begin in the new- year with building demolition scheduled for some time later.  As a last minute tribute the Alberta Aviation museum B-73,7 which has been on static display for the past eight years, was ready again for flight and flown out of the Municipal Airport at 14:30 to be the last large jet ever to take off from the airport.  The B-737 done up in Pacific Western Airlines livery made a 14 minute flight from the City Center Airport to Villeneuve Airport where it will be on permanent display.  Many of the business at the City Center facility have relocated to the Edmonton International Airport with a majority of others continuing business at various air facilities around Edmonton.

Time to  Renew your Membership!
December is renewal Month

2014 Membership provides these benefits:

  • Subscription to Wings
  • Subscription to Helicopters
  • Alberta Air Facilities Map


Aviation Alberta continues to adapt and reach out to its membership, industry and government regulatory agencies to fulfill its objectives and meet the demands of changing times in the aviation, airports and aerospace sectors.
Recognizing this as a reality, Aviation Alberta continued a review of all services, activities and projects over the past year. The consensus across Alberta’s aviation spectrum is that the need for a strong provincial association prevails and that Aviation Alberta is the organization to fulfill that role.  The ongoing support and vote of confidence from; individual members, recreational, corporate and commercial aviation interests along with small airport operators & aerospace companies has improved our overall effectiveness dramatically.
Going forward, our priorities continue to include; aviation education, training and flight safety, human resource development, small airport viability, advocacy, as well as participation in the regulatory review process.  Another important step taken by us this year was to establish formal alliances and working agreements with other provincial and national aviation related associations. Leveraging these alliances will provide numerous systemic benefits to the membership and the industry as a whole.  Formal alliances for cooperation have been established with;
  • Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace (CCAA),
  • Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC),
  • Canadian Owners & Pilots Association (COPA)
  •  British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba Aviation Councils. 
  • Aviation Alberta also continues to participate in the Canada West Aerospace Industry Association to receive and pass along important advances in Canada’s aerospace industry through a process of cooperation involving the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC).
As a stakeholder, Aviation Alberta on behalf of its membership, also played an active role in providing industry feedback on a variety of projects sponsored by:
  • NAV Canada,
  • Transport Canada,
  • Alberta Transportation (Strategic Transportation Advisory Committee)
  • The Alberta Oil Sands Secretariat. 
  • Western Economic Diversification
Specifically, Aviation Alberta has a representative sitting on an independent NAV Canada Advisory Committee, which reports regularly to the NAV Canada board of directors routinely making recommendations on a variety of operational issues.  This provides a strong and effective voice for NAV Canada users in the region.
Organizing and facilitating a variety of aviation training & safety seminars, along with information sessions dealing with small airport viability in Alberta highlighted the association’s activities this year. We were successful in encouraging the Alberta Government to review the small airports strategy and incorporate it into a larger further reaching transportation strategy that will reinforce the need for a viable community airport structure in Alberta. The venerable Alberta Air Facilities map, which has been in continuous production since 1966, was revised and published in 2013 and will be distributed to those renewing their memberships for 2014.

As a non-profit organization, with charitable status, Aviation Alberta continues to derive funding benefits from gaming events which support an ambitious educational scholarship program directed toward the Alberta Air Cadet association as well as providing financial support to students enrolled in aircraft maintenance engineering and flying training programs at various educational institutions in the Province.
Communication will be the most important resource that we have at our disposal in the coming year. Continuous publication of our E-Newsletter will allow Aviation Alberta to inform our membership and industry as a whole, in a timely and effective manner, on a variety of current aviation related issues with the simple “click” of a computer mouse.  One can now “subscribe” to our E-Newsletters and automatically receive information not only on issues of the day but notices of coming events, seminars, meetings etc.  For those members without email we can also send a hard copy of our newsletters/notices on request.  We will also be offering positions for advertising in our E-Newsletter as well as our website.  If you are not interested in receiving the newsletters please click the unsubscribe button on the cover page. You can also now PAY ONLINE. We have incorporated a new pay online feature located on our website.

Lastly but most importantly the financial and operational success of Aviation Alberta’s efforts will depend solely on support from its membership.  Membership Renewal Notices have been mailed out this week.  Please take time to fill out your renewal form and mail it in or PAY ONLINE. Without the support of its membership Aviation Alberta simply would not exist or continue. A strong membership also is vital in evoking positive change in the regulatory environment while insuring that the economic success of the industry is not impeded by onerous and punitive regulatory oversight.  Alberta’s aviation community can look forward in the coming year to a vibrant, active and effective association, which is focused and dedicated to serving the best interests of the aviation industry in Alberta.  We are always interested in your opinions, thoughts and ideas so we welcome any comments on how we can continue to best represent the industry in Alberta. Once again thank for your continuing support.

NAV Canada Announces Procedure and Routing Changes

Phase 3 of the Alberta Airspace and Services Project, for in and around the Calgary, Springbank, and Edmonton Airports
Effective Date 0901Z on December 12, 2013,
NAV CANADA is implementing changes to the arrival and departure routes in the area surrounding Calgary and Edmonton Airports under the Alberta Airspace and Services Project (AASP) including:
  • New RNAV STAR procedures (CYYC & CYEG)
  • New SID Procedures (CYYC & CYEG)
  • New RNAV Airways
  • New Arrival and Departure corridor between Calgary and Edmonton
  • New GNSS Approaches for Edmonton
This information package contains important aeronautical information for dispatchers and pilots operating within the Edmonton Flight Information Region as well as Edmonton, Calgary and Springbank airports.

Edmonton Airports Announces Appointment of New President and CEO

November 14, 2013 (Edmonton, AB) – Edmonton Airports Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Mr. Tom Ruth has been selected as incoming President and Chief Executive Officer of Edmonton Airports. The selection was made following a competitive international search process that commenced earlier this year.  Mr. Ruth will commence his new role at Edmonton Airports on January 20, 2014.

“Tom joins Canada’s fastest growing air service market at a key point in our growth and development,” said Edmonton Airports Board Chair Tom Redl. “He stood out in a very strong candidate field for his extensive experience in both passenger and cargo markets across North America and for having worked in both airline and airport environments. He has a very strong understanding of the strength of the Edmonton region air service market and the potential that exists here to leverage our economic and passenger assets to develop more flights to more places.”

“Tom also stood out, along with his wife Micki, as enthusiastic new citizens of Edmonton,” added Tom Redl. “He has worked closely with Edmonton in the past during his tenure as President of Canadian North, and has both family and community ties here. Tom and Micki are both very excited to get settled in Edmonton, and I know our entire regional community will be excited to welcome them.”
Mr. Ruth is currently President and Chief Executive Officer of the Halifax International Airport Authority, the largest air transportation complex in Atlantic Canada. He has an extensive background in both airline and airport operations and is currently also Chair of the Canadian Airports Council.

“I am very pleased to be joining Edmonton Airports during this exciting time in both airport and regional economic development,” said Tom Ruth.  “Over the last number of years, investment has been rewarded with strong growth in passengers and flights. Now I know we are poised to move to the next level by working closely with stakeholders in this region, and across Canada’s North, to offer a strong competitive case that will deliver even more success in passenger and cargo markets.”
Over the next few weeks Mr. Ruth will be working with his team at the Halifax International Airport Authority in order to ensure a smooth transition, and he and his wife, Micki will begin to make plans for their move to Edmonton.


Two New NAV Canada Aviation Consultations Announced

The following are links to “Notices of Consultation” for two Aeronautical Studies that are underway. It is our intention to inform NCAC members of the initiation of Aeronautical Studies by providing you with these Notices when they are posted on the NAV CANADA web site.
Igloolik - Aviation Weather
Medicine Hat - YXH VOR

Aviation Alberta to Coordinate Alberta Exhibit for “World Routes

Aviation Alberta in cooperation with Edmonton, Calgary and Fort McMurray airport authorities, has begun preparations for coordinating an “Alberta themed” exhibit at the World Routes 2014 International Trade Show & Conference taking place in Chicago next September.  World Routes is a trade show where the world’s airlines and airport organizations come together to build partnerships and create new air routes/services between majors centers around the world.  The idea of creating an “Alberta “presence was motivated by an initiative that was undertaken by the province of Saskatchewan in 2012 & 13.  Saskatoon & Regina Airport Authorities along with the provincial tourism department as well as economic development agencies attended the show under a Saskatchewan Banner” promoting the province as a place to visit and do business. The purpose of the Alberta theme is to focus on building trade corridors through air services connecting the world with Calgary, Edmonton, Ft. McMurray and the province’s various regional airports.  As a tie-in, Alberta’s economic development corporations and tourism agencies would also be part of the Alberta exhibit to provide detailed information promoting economic development (trade & investment) as well as Alberta’s world class tourist destinations. Alberta Enterprise & Advanced Education in addition to Alberta International & Inter-governmental   Affairs would represent the provincial government’s interests as part of the exhibit.  Industry participation will also be a key element in this project.  It is anticipated that funding for the project will be shared by the private sector & various levels of government.


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