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Our Mission:
To collaborate with the people of Gondar to develop sustainable solutions and promote cultural awareness, respect, and understanding

Words from the President

I am constantly amazed at the support that you, our members and friends of C-GSCA, provide throughout the year.  Most recently, this support was shown on January 25 when we hosted our annual Ethiopian Dinner and Auction.  Approximately 200 individuals attended to enjoy an evening of Ethiopian food, culture, and music.  Some of the proceeds from this event will pay for a container shipment of library books, science and math equipment and texts to Gondar,  ultimately Tsadiku Yohannes Elementary School, our sister city school in Gondar.  Meanwhile, some others of you recently donated start-up funding to establish more efficient cook stoves in Gondar, thereby contributing to a self-sufficient income-generating business. 

Please enjoy reading in more detail some of the current projects underway by our dedicated group of volunteers who continue to make a difference in the lives of our friends in Gondar, our sister city.

Robel Tadesse

Corvallis Delegates to Gondar: November, 2014

This past November, Karen and Dan Sundseth, Wendy McKee, Els Lofgren, Kathy Cafazzo, and Lee March traveled to Gondar to work on various educational and water-related projects underway in Gondar.  Their efforts reflected the various activities undertaken by our Education and Water and Watershed Work Groups. Educational activities included computer and learner-centered classroom training, the development of classroom materials,  school and cultural exchange activities (such as exchanging friendship bracelets), and sanitation, health and hygiene guidance.  Water and watershed-related efforts included a review of wells and restroom/shower facilities previously constructed with C-GSCA support, planning for future wells and evaluating potential drilling sites, assessing on-going tree-planting, and planning for a new cookstove projects (see article below). 

The final days brought an unexpected meeting with the U.S. Ambassador, Patricia M. Haslach,  to Ethiopia who was traveling in Gondar and stayed at the same lodge as our delegates.  Ambassador Haslach praised the work that C-GSCA members were conducting in partnership with the leaders in Gondar.  

Cook Stove Project:
Creating Jobs,
Conserving Trees,
and Improving Health

Last November members of C-GSCA’s Water and Watershed Work Group met with representatives of the Saina Sabia Kebele in rural Gondar whole leaders have long known that a more efficient cook stove (in particular, the MIRT stove) could not only reduce the need for fuel wood, but also reduce the amount of smoke produced (and inhaled) by those cooking food.

An agreement was negotiated in which the kebele will donate land to establish a small cook stove manufacturing facility with the assistance of the regional government and Bridge of Hope, C-GSCA’s Water work group’s nonprofit partner in Gondar.  The kebele administration will select at least five currently unemployed workers to run the facility. C-GSCA, through donations, will provide start-up funding for the purchase of stove “molds”, materials and training.  Once in operation, the facility will be self-sustaining.  All revenues from the sale of stoves will be used to maintain and possibly expand the operation.
Wendy McKee, C-GSCA’s project leader, expects to have the written agreement to implement this project finalized in March.  The facility is expected to begin production by this summer.

C-GSCA recognizes
Oregon Coffee & Tea,
Oregon Coffee and Tea, located at  215 NW. Monroe St., Corvallis, is now donating $0.50 for every one pound of coffee they sell to the Corvallis-Gondar Sister Cities Association (C-GSCA) beginning the first of March through the end of December, 2015 . In the past, owners Casey and Dennis Collett and their son, Jordan, and daughter, Miriam, have donated coffee for a number of Sister Cities events.  They roast four kinds of Ethiopian coffees.  Casey said, " We will make signs for the jars in which we display the Ethiopian coffees, and we will make special stickers to attach to each bag of Ethiopian coffee we sell." Learn more about this amazing family in the February/March 2015 edition of Willamette Living ( or simply stop by and order your coffee today.  C-GSCA tips our hats to Oregon Coffee and Tea for being such an exemplary family and business.
Buy at Oregon Coffee and Tea and help raise funds for C-GSCA
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Membership dues support C-GSCA’s financial and administrative responsibilities to oversee and support the efforts of our volunteers who are committed to improving the quality of education and increasing access to clean water, health, and sanitation for our friends in Gondar, Ethiopia. 

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Winter, 2015

Did you know...

- 1,989 sister city relationships exist in the United States?
- 30 sister cities are represented in Oregon?
- 6 sister city relationships are in Ethiopia?
- 23 sister city relationships are in the Ukraine?
[Source: Sister City International Directory, 2015)?

Container Shipment to Gondar

C-GSCA is partnering with the Ethiopia Project, Portland, Oregon to send a 20-foot container to Gondar in March,2015. 

Science and lab equipment and supplies, science and math textbooks, computers, library and reference books,
classroom support materials (pens, pencils, chalk, colored markers, notebooks), and science journals (back issues; any topics) for Gondar University’s new College of Agriculture and Forestry are being shipped.

World of Good and World’s Children are partnering with C-GSCA to make this shipment possible.

Mark Your Calendar!


C-GSCA's Walk for Water, Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fun, Exercise, Music, Food, Vendors---Join us on a 3mile/5K (or less) WALK to the Willamette River, engage in water experiments,test your knowledge about water,  meet with water experts, test your water's purity. Click on "Our Web Site" below   

Our Web Site
Els Lofgren visiting with children in Gondar.
Members with Gondar Leaders
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