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Our Mission:
To collaborate with the people of Gondar to develop sustainable solutions and promote cultural awareness, respect, and understanding

Words from the President

 This edition highlights three important efforts initiated by C-GSCA's Water and Watershed Work Group. As all of us know, water and clean air are treasured resources to any community and it is the efforts of our volunteers that address these issues in Gondar, our sister city in Ethiopia. 

We also look forward to seeing you at our next event, C-GSCA's 2nd Annual Garage Sale on Friday and Saturday, September 18 and 19, with proceeds going to fund educational projects in our schools of Gondar.

Robel Tadesse
Three Comprehensive Solutions
Underway in Gondar

More Wells 
More Clean Water
          In November, 2014, members of the Water and Watershed Work Group met with representatives of the Saina Sabia kebele in rural Gondar to discuss ongoing efforts to reduce deforestation in the Angereb watershed through an annual tree planting program funded by C-GSCA.  Deforestation causes increased soil erosion into streams which in turn contributes to the rapid build-up of silt in the city’s reservoir.  The discussion with kebele leaders resulted in an expanded initiative to address additional pressing needs for the residents of the kebele.

More Efficient Cooking
Cleaner Air

          Kebele leaders have long known that a more efficient cook stove could not only reduce the need for fuel wood, but also reduce the amount of smoke produced (and inhaled) by those cooking food.  But start-up funding has been lacking.  The work group recently raised funds to build a small cook stove manufacturing facility with the assistance of the regional government and Bridge of Hope, the work group’s nonprofit partner in Gondar.  The kebele administration will select at least five currently unemployed residents to run the facility.  Funds from C-GSCA will support the purchase of stove “molds”, materials and training.  Once in operation, the facility will be self-sustaining.  All revenues from the sale of stoves will be used to maintain and possibly expand the operation.

Loan Availability
Increased Farm Income
          Kebele leaders also noted that most of the area residents are subsistence farmers who do not have the capital to purchase additional income-producing farm animals, crop seeds and better farming equipment and tools.  There have been no readily available small loan programs.  To meet this need, C-GSCA is creating a revolving loan fund to offer low-interest loans to residents selected by kebele leaders.  The program is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2015.
Call for Donations
Saina Sabia kebele is now recognized by the Gondar government as a “demonstration area” to serve as a model for the development of other rural kebeles.  Click on the tab below to make a tax-deductible contribution and help us make a difference in Gondar, Corvallis’ sister city.
  Late Summer 2015

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