Welcome to C-GSCA's Spring 2014 Newsletter.
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Our Mission:
To collaborate with the people of Gondar to develop sustainable solutions and promote cultural awareness, respect, and understanding

Welcome to C-GSCA's 2014 Spring Newsletter

This Spring 2014 Edition will offer you current progress on a number of projects underway in Gondar, Ethiopia, our sister city.  Also, mark your calendar on a number of local events that will be coming your way this Spring and Summer.  And then there is an opportunity in this edition to quiz yourself on knowledge of water issues in Ethiopia...ok, so you think you can "ace" them, eh? 

But above all, let me thank so many of you who continue to contribute by attending and supporting our fund-raising events, and who financially support us through donations and memberships.  We could not conduct our many projects without your support.

With humble thanks, always,

Robel Tadesse, President

One Friendship Bracelet at a Time:
Connecting Corvallis with Gondar

“A friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies” (Aristotle)


Karen Sundseth, lead coordinator of C-GSCA’s “friendship bracelet” project, speaks with excitement, “Our goal is to make a friendship bracelet for each of the 2000 students at Tsadiku Yohannes Elementary School and deliver them when we go to Gondar in October.”  To say she is passionate is an understatement!  Do you know what 2000 bracelets look like?

Look with whom she has working for her in Corvallis:
  • OSU’s students from the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE)
  • Franklin Elementary School’s fourth and sixth graders.
  • Linus Pauling Middle School students
  • The Adventure Club at Mt. View Elementary School
  • The Afterschool program at Garfield Elementary School . 
  • Corvallis Boys and Girls Club (starting this Summer)
Want to make a friendship bracelet for a child in Gondar, Ethiopia? 
Come join us at the Corvallis Saturday Market, May 10, from 9:00 am-1:00 pm.

TY's First Computer Graduates
What a Difference Computers Are Making!

As the result of the collaborative efforts of C-GSCA’s Education Work Group, Link Ethiopia,  Tsadiku Yohannes (TY) Elementary School's Director and teachers, the Ministry of Education, and most importantly, the expert skills of TY’s IT instructor, Ato Worku Bizuye,  35 elementary grade level students graduated in March at a ceremony demonstrating mastery in computer use and literacy.  Read about how computer instruction is improving the quality of learning for two of these 35 students.

“My name is Bekalu Semre. I am 12 years old and in the 6th grade.
Text Box: Insert pic"At first, I was afraid  to touch the computer and make mistakes, but then I got basic computer skills and more confidence since I followed the lesson at Tsadiku Yohannes School.  In future, I am well experienced in using computers and I plan to use internet for gathering additional books, playing games and watching movies, etc.”

“Hi, my name is Fikerte Ayelegn.  I am 13 years old and in the sixth grade."
Text Box: Insert pic"I learned the basic computer skill and now I am able to use internet since I followed the lessons in my computer classes at Tsadiku Yohannes School.  Now I want to search some guide books and information for my school to improve my school rank level and communicate with my friends with face book and email.”

Sounds similar to any other teenager in the world, right!

Can Planting Trees Be A Solution
for Clean Water?

Absolutely!  Since 2007 C-GSCA’s Water Work Group has partnered with the Gondar Agricultural Office, Bridge of Hope (BoH) and Woleka tree nursery to address deforestation and silt build-up in the Angereb Watershed, the main source of water to the city of Gondar.  With donations from C-GSCA, seeds are purchased through the Gondar Agricultural Office and sent to Woleka Nursery.

Nursery workers, mostly area women who would otherwise have no means of income, prepare seed beds, fill plastic tubes with soil, sow seeds, water the seedlings, weed the beds, conduct root pruning as needed, and construct barriers to protect seedlings from animal damage.  After about six months these seedlings are transported to areas within the Angereb Watershed for planting by landholders and community volunteers.

Because of the efforts of Woleka Nursery workers, approximately 244,000 seedlings were planted in the watershed in 2013.  Availability of these trees has spurred preparation work in planned planting areas such as the construction of terraces and check dams, for this current year.

Want to DONATE?      $25.00 buys approximately
625 tree seedlings!

LinkEthiopia, C-GSCA’s “Education EYES” on the Ground

Since 1996, Link Ethiopia (LE) has been establishing partnership developing projects for school improvement and creating shared learning linkages with over 90 schools in Ethiopia and their link with UK schools.

One such school is Tsadiku Yohannes (TY). In 2011, LE became Corvallis-Gondar Sister Cities Association’s (C-GSCA) “eyes” on the ground, helping to oversee C-GSCA’s projects at TY School. Three of many examples stand out. LE’s exceptional staff have partnered with C-GSCA to bring computers and computer instruction to students and teachers (see article above in this edition).  Then there is LE’s Libraries and Literacy project with the goal of developing a culture of readers with both LE and C-GSCA supplying books, audio-visual resources, and librarian training. The TY teacher-training project continues in its fourth year, largely due to the commitment from the Gondar College of Teacher Education, the Gondar Ministry of Education, and LE staff coordination.

These three examples represent solutions to improving the quality of education in Ethiopian schools.

For more complete information on the scope and depth of the work Link Ethiopia is doing, check the
LinkEthiopia website.


Volunteer-Become a Member-Donate

1) Become a Member
Become a member by visiting our web page 
If you are already a member, ask a friend or relative to join C-GSCA.

Donate items of clothing, school supplies, computers, books or Cash

3) Join one of two work groups
a) Water and Watershed (Contact Lee March)
b) Education and Schools (Contact Maxine Prickel)
4) Attend an Event:
  • Sister Cities Week, May 4-May12, 2014 (Events -TBA)
  • Walk for Water: Ethiopia, July 12, 2014
  • Travel to Gondar as a Delegate: Month of October
See details in this newsletter or Visit our web page
Spring 2014


  • Friendship Bracelets
  • Computer Graduates
  • Tree Planting
  • Link Ethiopia's " Eyes"

Mark Your Calendars! 

2014 Walk for Water: Ethiopia
Benton County Fairgrounds

Saturday, July 12, 2014
(Registration: 8:00-8:30 am)
8:30 am-1:00 pm
  • Walk a 3 mile course
  • Enjoy Ethiopian food, coffee, and music
  • Complete experiments related to water
  • Fun & Games in the "kids arena"
For more information, contact the Walk for Water Coordinator, Joel Pannebaker:

On-line registration will be available on June 1:  C-GSCA.

Want an Experience of a Lifetime?

Join the Corvallis Sister-City Delegation
to Gondar, Ethiopia
October, 2014

  • Interested in travel internationally?
  • Enthusiastic about making a difference with others?
  • Fascinated by other cultures and customs?
  • Meet and share with local educational, civic, and community members and leaders
  • Assist with projects related to classroom education, science, math, English, sanitation, hygiene, health and/or water issues
Want more information?   

Contact Maxine Prickel,,
or call 541-760-5588.

Can you "ace" this Quiz?

1) What percentage of the population has access to an improved water supply (wells; faucets)?
A) 78%   B) 34%    C) 15%    

2) What percentage of the population has access to adequate sanitation services?
A) 21%   B) 35%    C) 47%   

3) In rural Ethiopia, what is the average number of hours families walk daily to collect water from rivers?
A) 3 hrs  B) 5 hrs   C) 6 hrs

4) One solution for improving the water supply is to  
A) install toilets  B) irrigate fields C) plant trees
(Source:  (Answers: 1-B; 2-A; 3-C; 4-C)


Community & Businesses Make

Ethiopian Dinner Big Success

C-GSCA wishes to thank more than 200+ guests for attending the Ethiopian Cultural Dinner & Auction, Sunday evening, January 26. Authentic Ethiopian foods, coffee, along with a silent auction were featured. A special thanks to Joel Hirsch, Emcee.
We thank the following businesses for their generous support of this event: Safeway, Philomath, First Alternative Coop, Fred Meyer, Trader Joe’s, Starbucks, Market of Choice, Natural Grocers (9th. St.), and Grass Roots Bookstore.
C-GSCA thanks the following donors of auction items (Wild Birds Unlimited (9th St.), Waldorf School, First Christian Church, Dr. Larry Vidrine, Mia Bella Facial, Pro Nails, Ms.Donna Broken, Inkwell, and the many volunteers who helped organize, cook, and serve this dinner. Proceeds will support teacher exchanges, libraries, and educational projects in collaboration with leaders in Gondar, Ethiopia.
Ray William, Chair
Ethiopian Cultural Dinner & Auction
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