How to earn money from your blog 

Can you cook?  Got a slow cooker/crockpot?  Then let's write a book together!

I'm always looking out for possible new ways to earn money from blogging and my latest experiment is all about e-books and how easy/difficult it would be to write, prepare, format and publish a book.  I also want to learn how you might promote and sell it, and how many sales you might expect.

Trouble is, I’m hopeless at writing as well as cooking and have almost no time! So I am reaching out to bloggers and MMM readers to help me out with the content for this experiment.

I’ve picked a random topic – Slow Cooker Recipes – and am looking for content in the way of your original recipes along with a single photo good enough for publication.  The photo should be unbranded, but each recipe published will include a credit and clickable link back to the originating site. 

A copy will be free to all Moms Make Money readers, and available as a Kindle download on Amazon, including a 5-day FREE e-book promotion which could lead to hundreds or thousands more downloads, and lots of new visitors to your site.  Any profits made from any paid sales would be given to charity – its an exercise in the process not in actually making money !

I hope you have something suitable and would be interested in being a contributor and getting your recipe published !  My deadline to receive all of the submissions is 14th July, and I plan to try to get the book ‘published’ by the end of July.

If you would like your recipe to be considered, please send:

ʉۢ Your website URL and name, and your own name
ʉۢ The URL you would like linked to Рhome page/recipe page/slow cooker page etc
ʉۢ Your ingredients list with measurements, just listed without bullets
ʉۢ A numbered step by step set of directions and cooking time
ʉۢ Your high res photo without any text

Submissions can be made in MS Word format as an attachment or copied and pasted right into the email.
If you have any questions, please let me know.  I am very excited about this new project and hope that you are just itching to take part.  It's a longer term project, but I'll be reporting back on all of my findings in a future article at Moms Make Money.

Moms Make Money

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Due to a temporary employment contract for a couple of months at my old employer - I'm really busy right now!  If you have any blogging tips, advice, traffic ideas and tips, current hot interest topics or design ideas that readers might be interested in - drop me a line with an outline of your post and I'll pick a few to fill in for me while I am busy at work.  Email to

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