Next steps in creating a powerful voice for Dalston's community
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Well now it is official the immediate threat to the Eastern Curve has receded, but we do need to act to protect its long-term future.
To do this we need to convince the Council to register the gardens as an ‘asset of community value’, and to do this, we need to form a membership organisation.
Many thanks to all our supporters who have signed up to become formal members of Dalston Futures.
We can now move forward with our attempt to get the Eastern Curve Garden registered as an asset of community value.

What does this mean?
Once the site is registered, it gives the community a ‘community right to bid’. Should the owner wish to dispose of the land then the community must be given an opportunity to raise money to secure the land before it is sold. It does not of itself guarantee that the site will be saved and retained, but it does create an additional opportunity for the community to prevent unwanted development and a further disincentive for a developer to seek to do so.  
If you want to support us and have not signed up formally yet please sign up now to become a member (there is no membership fee) of Dalston Futures.
Protecting what is good, and creating benefits from redevelopment
In the meantime, people have begun to think about other community sites in the area and whether we should develop a wider list of premises which we want to protect. All views on this welcome.

We are also thinking about organising a ' People's Plan' for the redevelopment of the Kingsland shopping centre. What do we as a community want from the redevelopment: affordable housing, community space, jobs and training? Let us know your views.
Lets make it happen!
Dalston Futures is a community organising initiative. We have spent some time bringing people together to discuss what they care about. Now we need to move forward and take the first steps to creating positive change that benefits the whole community.
Community organising Master-class
On 7 October we will be hosting a seminar on community organising with an expert Wade Rathke, who has been organising communities for over 40 years. It will be an opportunity to consider his approach and to think about how relevant it could be here in Hackney. It will also be an opportunity to discuss how we can mobilise our communities around local issues. If you want to come along, please register as places are limited.
The big listen 11 and 12 October
We are planning to take our campaign to the streets of Dalston. We will be doing some  good old fashioned door knocking on both Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 October. If you can spare two hours to help us we will be doing two things, asking for support for registering the Eastern Curve Garden and asking the community what their priorities are for the Kingsland Shopping Centre redevelopment and for community action in the area ( around issues like the nigh-time economy, affordable housing, youth unemployment, gangs etc are all likely to come up).
If you want to join us in ‘the big listen’, please drop an email to We will be working in small teams with an aspiration of knocking on 1,000 doors over the two days.
Spread the word
You could really help by forwarding this newsletter on to friends and neighbours, and posting a link to it on your facebook, or twitter. If you are not already on our mailing list, then you can sign up here

Together we can build a strong inclusive community in Dalston that will have to be listened to.

Dalston Futures is a Hackney Unites initiative and welcomes the financial support of Trust for London.