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January 2020

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  Split Roll is Here – Protect Proposition 13!  
No Matter How You Package It, Split Roll is a Disaster.
As our clocks officially reset to 2020, the fight to protect Proposition 13 and keep your property taxes stable went into full force. BOMA/GLA is leading the fight against the "Split Roll" ballot initiative, which would remove Proposition 13 protections for your property and be an $11 billion tax increase on commercial properties throughout California. Your property taxes will not only spike, but you will almost certainly lose tenants and market value due to the way that Split Roll will increase the cost of doing business in California. Your investment in our work and continued involvement is essential to defeating Split Roll. Please renew your membership to BOMA/GLA by January 31 to be a part of this once-in-a-generation effort.
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  Housing, Spending, and Going Green: California’s State Legislature Opens Session for 2020  
California's State Legislature was gaveled into session!
Earlier this month, our lawmakers are already quickly off to the races. While we will not have a full list of legislation or our positions until April, we are already noticing a few clear trends emerging. The first is a desire to address homelessness from every possible angle. This includes creating environmental exemptions for housing and shelter development (which we strongly support) and mandates on cities across the state increasing their housing density. A group of State Senators have also announced their intention to push for a statewide “Green New Deal,” which would significantly accelerate green building standards that are already coming down the pipeline and attempt to implement new policy ideas as well. We have long supported building sustainability policies and will work alongside BOMA California to ensure that these policies are advanced in a smart, timely manner. Beyond the many ambitious bill proposals, one thing is clear: California will be spending a record amount of money in 2020, and will do everything in our power to advocate against unfair tax increases and for legislation that benefits the commercial real estate industry.  
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  Issues In The Pipeline  
LA County Fire Department Parcel Tax Makes Ballot
The LA County Board of Supervisors voted to put a 6 cent/square foot parcel tax on the March 3 ballot. It has a 100,000 square foot cap and would be in effect in perpetuity unless voters undo their decision. Numerous BOMA/GLA members will be impacted by this tax, some of them to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. We strongly support an effective fire department; however, full information about this parcel tax was brought forward on the Eleventh Hour. They have neither made clear how this parcel tax will adequately address their needs nor how they could find alternative sources of funding and cutting costs. As a matter of principle, BOMA/GLA opposes parcel taxes since that put an unfair burden on our industry to compensate for poor long-term planning. Learn more about our position below.
Position Statements »
New Three-Year Code Cycle in Motion
With updates to Title 24, California’s statewide building standards, cities all around Los Angeles County are creating their own amendments that will be in effect for the next three years. These local additions cover a vast array of subjects that impact safety, sustainability, and energy usage such as EV parking spot mandates and the layouts of sprinklers on new or remodeled buildings. Over the next few months, various city councils will be finalizing their new codes. We will be engaging with them throughout the process and keep members apprised. Learn more about our outlook on codes and regulations.
Codes and Regulations »
  Supreme Court Shuts Down Homelessness Fight  
Now What?
Over 60,000 Angelenos are experiencing homelessness, and according to the LA Times, nearly three-quarters of them suffer from substance abuse or mental illness. These individuals need urgent help. Simultaneously, law enforcement needs as much latitude as possible to assist our homeless population and keep residents safe. Unfortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court effectively tied our hands in doing this by refusing to hear – and effectively upholding – the Martin v. Boise decision. This decision out of the 9th Circuit Court contends that all West Coast cities are forbidden from removing homeless individuals from public places at night unless there is enough shelter space available for every single homeless person. This will take decades to accomplish. The Boise ruling also has such vague language that law enforcement across the West Coast has indicated that they might not be able to intervene to help homeless individuals at all, including if they suspect criminal activity and abuse of homeless people unless a visible crime is being committed. The Supreme Court’s refusal to act is is an enormous step back in our efforts to meaningfully address homelessness. Many BOMA/GLA members feel helpless in addressing the issue. But despite this challenge, BOMA/GLA will continue to promote partnerships to address the homelessness crisis and we will double down on our advocacy efforts to build enough shelter and housing for everyone. To get involved with these efforts, join a public policy committee today.
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  City Councilmember Update  
LA City Councilmember Nury Martinez Sworn in as Los Angeles City Council President
On January 5, Councilmember Nury Martinez assumed the role of LA City Council President. Out of the gate, she made clear that she was going to prioritize confronting homelessness and that she is unafraid to make bold and controversial moves. Martinez was unanimously elected to this position by her peers on the City Council. She was first elected to the City Council in 2013 after a decades-long career in public service. She has championed the issue of human trafficking on the Council and has been nationally recognized for her work. BOMA/GLA has a tremendous relationship with Council President Martinez, having featured her as a speaker in our Women in Leadership series, and consistently supported her work through BOMA/GLA PAC. Without the work of BOMA/GLA PAC, we would not be able to support and engage elected officials like Nury Martinez. 
Support the PAC here.
  Metro Looks to Increase Buses and Bus Lanes Along Commercial Corridors...  
In Hopes of Spiking Ridership
Since reports surfaced revealing that Metro bus ridership has dropped 25% over the past decade, the transit authority has been hard at work to crack the code to increase passengers and decrease traffic simultaneously. While the details are far from finalized, Metro is has made clear that they will double down on bus services. They intend to have buses arrive at major stops up to every five minutes, and will invest at least $1 billion in making buses more comfortable. They also want to make buses almost 60% more accessible to Angelenos. Metro has already indicated a willingness to work with the business community on having stops adjacent to – rather than in the middle of – major thoroughfares. We will be monitoring and participating in the stakeholder process to advocate for Metro to increase its bus fleet while being cautious about adding to traffic. You can find out more about our view on transportation.
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