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We love to care for the young and young at heart! We enjoy working with children in an effort to give them a solid, healthy foundation. For this reason, this edition is dedicated to them! Enjoy!

Chiropractic Philosophy is Simple!

If you have a spine it should be checked for something called a Subluxation. In simple terms that means- bone misalignments of the spinal column and irritation on the master controlling system of the body, the Nervous System! If there is miscommunication between the brain and the rest of the body the system cannot work optimally! Very simple, yet profoundly important for optimal health!! You are never too young to be checked! Our youngest client of this clinic was 2 hours old and only 1.5 pounds!
The body is self healing and self recuperative! By relieving the pressure, irritation and compromise on the nervous system the body can resume its proper structure and function and be at its very BEST!!!
Pain should never be the reason why people choose to see the Chiropractor! It’s not about symptoms, it is about root causes of dis-ease states in the body. The Chiropractor is the only primary health care provider that has the expertise to diagnose neuromusculoskeletal dis-ease states and correct them with a chiropractic adjustment! Teach children to seek out the truth about their bodies.
Teach them the magnificence of the creation that they are and remind them regularly that they are nothing less than PERFECT! 
—Dr. Zeinin

March Break is approaching! It's an opportunity to bring your children in for a Chiropractic Checkup and Spinal Evaluation. Participate in our Colouring Contest! Winner will be announced on March 30th.

You Cannot Un-pickle a Pickle    

— Veronica Tugwood, Integrated Energy Therapist

Today we are bombarded on a daily basis with media messages and cultural and social expectations, which due to our psychological make up, work very well on the human brain to encourage (force) us to think in certain ways. This is especially true of our children. Daily they are given overt and covert expectations, which of course they do their very best to live up to.  This brine of social and cultural expectations slowly “pickles” us into imagining that we are not good enough, not valuable, not worthy of love and attention unless we do as we are expected to. These pressures are affecting our youth.

So how do you support your children in this world filled with messages that lead them to believe they just are not enough the way they are? What is important to know is that as parents we cannot completely reverse the impact of our environment, we cannot un-pickle their minds which have been soaking in this media souphowever, we can show them that they are amazing even if they do not match what society asks of them. Conversation and reassurance are very important as they grow and learn about themselves in this age of technology.
Loving our children, and offering them spaces to be themselves is so very important. Limiting social media and technology, although valuable, is often not going to rescue them. There is not any way to escape the messages they are embedded in everything. The school and its teaching environment, friendships, every commercial, every billboard, every song, and the list can continue. So how can we help them? Some of the most valuable ways to 
offer love is to encourage critical thinking, and collaborative exploration, to remind them of their innate wisdom, and the power they have to create their perspective. When our children identify something they think, rather than just offering another viewpoint to add to their list of viewpoints, it can be very valuable to engage them and ask them why they think that. Help them see where they collected their belief from, whether it is social media, or the cultural climate. Then ask them to identify what they really think about the matter, if they did not have these influences. Know that they are amazing and brilliant beings that absolutely know things, and that when they are encouraged to examine out of the box thinking, they really do know better than what society gives them. At the core, we are all beings of love and light and if reminded of this it becomes much easier to cope with the daily pickling process that is our culture. 
Some conversation starters that can encourage a critical eye:

  • That is interesting, do you think that makes sense?

  • I wonder why that would happen.  What do you think?

  • There are so many beautiful types of bodies, why do you think media wants us to all look the same?

  • That sounds very frustrating, have you noticed a pattern? 

  • What makes her/his opinion so much more important than your opinion?  What is your opinion?

  • If you can change _______ what would you want different?  Why?

I have found that working with youth clients supports their growth and confidence. It is so valuable to spend a little time while they are young building their esteem and faith in themselves, rather than years later undoing the damage caused by the pickling process. Their profound insights and amazing instincts surprise me all the time. These young people are literally the future, creating a generation of compassionate and strong-minded individuals who can think for themselves will give us all confidence.

Workshop for Youth Ages 13-16 

WHO Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? 

Our society only asks the question "What do you want to be"? Often reducing our young people to labels and numbers on the chain gang. This workshop is designed to support youth in thinking critically about their future and collecting some tools to assist with decision making that matches their innate wisdom. Exercises in mindfulness, critical thinking, creating goals with heart, and creating a vision for the future of your dreams. 
April 28th 10am - noon.  $25. Per Person.  Registration limited. To register or for more information, contact:


Mumblings of a Self Confessed Chocoholic…

Sara Farrell, Certified Reflexologist


At the risk of sounding like Forest Gump, children are like a box of chocolates. Take my own kids for example, three children raised in the same home, with the same rules and values, resulting in three kids with three completely different personalities and a multitude of different requirements.
We have the robust chocolate outer shell with the softest, sweetest melty center. The solid chocolate bar with evenly distributed candy pieces, and then there is the Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Smashable, the one with the exploding jumble of candy so that with each bite, you have no idea of what you are going to get!

What on earth does this have to do with Reflexology?  The point I am making is that regardless of age, disposition or current issues, reflexology has always played a vital role in supporting my own kids and young clients that I have worked with over the years. I have witnessed the use of reflexology techniques successfully calm “the worry brain”, avoid tantrums and calm angry outbursts or simply convey love, support and undivided attention to those who can get lost in the shuffle. This, in addition to helping ease unexplained tummy pains, headaches, sleep issues, sinus problems, sports related injuries, balance hormones…you get the idea! 
If you are interested in learning reflexology techniques for your own chocolate truffle, contact me at for information on private classes and/or small group workshops


Laser Acupuncture & Bedwetting 

Debra Taylor CLT, CHt


A new study from Turkey shows that laser acupuncture is an effective treatment for nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting). Nocturnal enuresis is involuntary urination during sleep and is most typical among children. Most children overcome this disorder by age seven but clinical conditions may persist indefinitely. The great thing about laser acupuncture therapy is that it is a non-invasive, painless, short-term therapy with low cost.
Using a low-power laser, about two-thirds of the kids in the study received acupuncture therapy on traditional bladder points three times a week for 4 weeks. The other kids, used for comparison, got the same treatment using a fake laser.

Fifteen days after completing the treatment, 40 percent of kids who got therapy with a real laser had stopped wetting the bed entirely, compared to 8 percent of those with fake laser treatment. After 6 months, rates of complete improvement were 54 percent versus 12 percent. Also 6 months after the treatment, those kids who still wet the bed, in the laser therapy group did so less frequently.
I have successfully seen the results with children under my care. If you would like more information, feel free to contact me at:


Foot Care Basics • Wed. March 21st @ 1pm   
Your host: Christina Fowler, Certified Podologist
Proper foot care is an important part of your health, for people of all ages and stages in life!  Learn about nail care for diabetics. Christina will also share non-surgical interventions to correct ingrown toenails-Safe for children and adults. Registration is required for this free event at:

Resilience in a World Going Wild  • Sat. March 31st @ 10am 
Your host: Veronica Tugwood, Integrated Energy Therapist
It can be very difficult to remain centred and grounded in our spinning topsy-turvy world.  Achievable lifestyle shifts to help us stay connected and aligned with our purpose.  
Registration is required for this free event at:

Please be advised that we will be closed for chiropractic care on Friday, March 30th and Monday, April 2nd.
Thank you for your trust in the care that we provide!
I personally feel very lucky that such a high caliber, friendly and spiritually connected clinic is so nearby to me and my family members. We have over the course of the last 5 years or so, taken the opportunity to benefit from Massage Therapy, Reflexology/Reiki, Foot Care, Integrated Energy Therapy, Bach Flower Remedy and Chiropractic Care. The staff who deliver this service are so friendly and clearly passionate about the work they do, that you can’t help but feel that your health care is in good hands. I have always been able to access the services that suited me at the time, as I find what I am looking for to help me find balance in my life changes from time to time. So much to offer at this clinic – thank you for being there!”  ~ S.M. Thamesford
When I first started coming to Lambeth Chiropractic my second youngest son was a year old and losing weight. Dr. Zeinin took one look at him and said “There is something wrong with his neck”. After a few treatments he was happier and gaining weight. That was almost 10 years ago. She treats all of my children, including my son with Down Syndrome. He is a lot better for it! If it wasn’t for Dr. Z my son would have a lot more problems. Thanks to Lambeth Chiropractic and Wellness Centre I have saved many trips to the hospital. With 5 active kids, you can be sure a lot of dislocated bones. Lambeth Chiropractic is there every step of the way for a quick recovery to injuries.“  ~ B.B. London

Energy Bites

These were recently shared at a team meeting. The team enjoyed them. We hope that you do too!

• 1 cup oats 
• 1/2 cup ground flax seed
• 1/2 cup - combo of coconut, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, chopped choc chips, raisins -whatever you like!
• 1 tsp vanilla
• pinch of salt

Mix dry ingredients, then add:

• 1/2 cup almond butter or sunflower butter
• 1/3 cup honey

Mix and roll into balls.  Add more honey or almond butter if it is crumbly.

Main Street Lambeth will be undergoing construction at the end of April or early May. We will do our BEST to keep you informed. Facebook will have updates and our phone line will too. You may call us at: 519 652-5597 and press "4" for updates.

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