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Reflections from Dr. Zeinin

Rainy weekends give us all an opportunity to reflect on those things we value most. Family, friendships, work related events and personal growth. Recognize we are evolving beings. Nothing stays still and we are always in a dynamic state of growth.

Children illustrate a true sense of being. Fearless, excited and full of the anticipation to get the absolute most out of life! Let’s learn by their example to look at everything we do from our child’s eyes. Maintain there is always hope and have complete faith that the universe will guide us through our fears! Taking things too seriously gets in the way of living so put aside the petty and focus on what’s truly important. Spinal integrity and function is paramount in children’s needs so be sure to have their spines checked regularly to maximize their innate potential. As the school year comes to a close bring them in for a check up before summer adventures begin!

There has been plenty of discussion surrounding the construction on Main Street. It has not affected us one bit because we continue to provide the BEST service and client relations with continual updates on progress and traffic.Your health is our priority so don’t let a bit of construction hold you back from being your optimal self!

We have expanded our parking lot and the response from clients has been overwhelmingly positive! Thank you ALWAYS for your ongoing support and commitment to our Clinic!

I urge you all to take account of yourselves. Are you putting your needs first? We are all too easy to give to others but are we looking after ourselves? If you give yourself permission to look after, maintain and love yourself you will always be able to take better care of others!! Our BEST selves come from a desire to achieve, serve and love unconditionally! Please look within yourselves. Listen to the voice inside you. It will provide many answers to your challenging questions and if our team can help in any way... CALL US! We are here to SERVE YOU!!
In great heath!
Dr. Zeinin


Veronica Tugwood, Integrated Energy Therapist, Shares Self-care Inspiration!

Summer is upon us and things can get hectic and overwhelming with the change in schedules, kids home for the summer and holiday plans often asking us to work harder to get some time off.  This is a time when we need to be sure we take extra care of ourselves. More importantly that to ensure we plan that self-care. It is too easy to forget just how important your own care is in the hustle and bustle of life. Here are a few quick and easy self-care ideas to support you.
Take time each day to breathe. I know we all breathe…but I mean really breathe. Engaging the diaphragm and giving our bodies an opportunity to reset. One of the most common problems with our breathing is that is remains shallow, and this ensures that we stay stressed and almost driven by panic. Shallow breathing keeps our limbic system active and in turn reduces both our intelligence and response possibilities. Diaphragmatic breathing is simple, however requires thought and practice. To do this we focus only on the exhale, long slow exhale pushing our breath out and activating the diaphragm to squeeze our lungs, to empty them completely. The tension created here cannot stay, and this encourages a full and complete inhale. This process begins to create good hormones in our bodies, which counteract the harmful ones produced with stress. A few deep diaphragmatic breaths can gently reset our body and open up possibilities for our mind to move through any stress or overwhelm.  
Grounding is also very valuable. We all spend a lot of time ‘in our heads”, and grounding helps us to get back into our body. The simple process of tuning into our bodies, checking in on how it feels, and then breathing into spaces that are feeling tight or tense can shift how we feel immensely.Taking a few minutes each day to visualize ourselves connecting with this planet, or even better to commit to a little “earthing” each day. “Earthing” is the concept of having our bodies actually connect with the planet. A few minutes walking barefoot, or sitting with our back to a tree and letting these energetic masters help us to revive our energy by connecting with the planet. Getting into nature is another very easy way to “earth” ourselves into a state of relaxation, and support our bodies to fill up and rejuvenate.  
A simple dip in some salt water is also a very useful way to help our bodies to reset.  This can be a wonderful dip in an ocean, if your plans allow for it, or just finding some salt-water options. Some pools and hot tubs have made the transition. However, the most reliable is a salt-water bath. This helps to relieve the body of lactic acid and sooths soreness. Even better is it helps the body to detoxify and reset. Adding a couple of drops of pure essential oil, soothing music and a locked door (every parent of young children knows how precious that can be) can quickly and easily create a reset for your body.  
The most beautiful thing about each of these ideas is that we can actually spend some time to teach our children to do this as well.  Helping them learn to breathe, especially when they have gotten stressed or anxious. Spending a few minutes outdoors or in nature, maybe even getting a little dirty and playing in the earth is wonderful for them.  Adding a little salt to their bath time and a drop of lavender can help them both reset, and support them in a restful sleep. However, the most important way to support our children is to model self-care. They are quick to notice the things that we do, and copy them. Learning how to bring calm to yourself, will show them exactly how to do it for themselves.  
Here’s to the best summer of your life so far!  


Dr. Tiffany Eberhard ND Shares Naturopathic Tips for Optimal Digestion  

Gut health is key to your overall health! The majority of our immune system is located in our gut and many conditions are related to poor gut function. These include acne, eczema, autoimmune diseases, anxiety, headaches, pain, and weight gain. Follow these tips to improve your digestion!

    •    Relax before and during a meal! We are often in a busy and stressed state (fight-or-flight state), which shuts down our digestive system to allow us to deal with the stress (or run away). Get into the rest-and-digest state by taking a few deep breaths before eating and make sure you focus on your meal versus working or watching TV.
    •    Remember to chew your food! Most people are in a rush to eat on a break or while on the run but it is so important to chew your food thoroughly. Chewing primes the rest of your digestive tract to receive food and digest it properly. Take the extra time to avoid bloating and digestive upset following your meals.
    •    Avoid drinking a lot of fluid with your meals! It is tempting to down a whole drink while eating but this can dilute your stomach acid and make your digestion less than optimal. Instead have a few sips and drink your fluids between meals.
    •    Avoid processed and packaged foods! These are full of chemicals, sugar, too much salt, and are less nutritious. They create inflammation in the gut leading to many digestive concerns such as bloating, constipation, loose stools, and heartburn.
    •    Address the underlying cause! Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and food sensitivities can cause inflammation in the digestive system and throughout the body.

You shouldn’t have heartburn, bloating, or abdominal pain! You should be having at least one well-formed bowel movement a day. If you are having digestive issues, consider finding out root cause of your digestive concerns.  

Best wishes to Rebecca Marks RMT!

Becky is leaving LCWC with a very important reason… She has a baby on the way!  We are so happy for her and Stephen. Becky will be providing massage therapy until the end of July. She is working towards a smooth transition for her clients. If you have any questions, by all means give us a call!

Welcome Kristen Strik RMT!

With that being said, we welcome Kristen Strik. Kristen is an experienced Registered Massage Therapist and we are happy to have her join us. She will be taking appointments beginning July 31st.   

And the good news keeps coming…

We have expanded our parking lot! Please feel free to make use of the additional spaces. You are even welcome to exit the west side of the lot.

Be sure to fill out a ballot each time that you visit any of our practitioners.  Great prizes are drawn each week while we have street construction. 

Booking ahead is good for your health!
Please remember that we do our best to accommodate same day appointments for chiropractic care. However, it is very helpful to book ahead and avoid disappointment and/or discomfort! 
LCWC is closed for Chiropractic Care on Monday, July 2nd.
Construction season has arrived!
Main Street is undergoing an upgrade and a transformation. We do our BEST to keep you informed of any delays or inconveniences.
Facebook will have updates and our phone line will too. You may call us at: 519 652-5597 and press "4" for updates.
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