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Talking ecoLogical Newsletter #2 2013

It's August already? Talking ecoLogical is my quarterly business newsletter, where I’ll share insights into the latest eco news, interesting stories from my work as an MC, facilitator and sustainability speaker and show how I can help you lead your business towards eco sustainability and greater profitability.

The aim of this series of newsletters is to help you answer questions like:

  • "How can I support Ian to be publish his conversation building tool on organisational change for sustainability?" 

  • "How can inspire our workplace to change?"

  • "Is the economy in recession or transition?"

Ian McBurney - Sustainability Speaker, MC, Facilitator,  Business Mentor, Educator.

Ian McBurney is an ecological sustainability practitioner who has inspired and enabled tens of thousands in business, government, schools and communities to move towards a better future.  He believes passionately that at this time in history when every natural system is in decline, it is people and therefore culture change that will gift us a sustainable society.  That society will be better for us in nearly every way. We'll be more local and connected, happier, healthier, more profitable and more proud of who we are.

I hereby officially launch my Talking ecoLogical crowd funding Campaign!
Talking ecoLogical is the first conversation building card set to support the journey to ecological sustainability, created with Innovative Resources. They have been in development since 2009 and used many times already in my workshops. There are 37 cards in four suites: Imagining the Future, our Challenges, Processes of Change and Elements of Identity. The cards are finished and ready to print, which is where the crowd funding campaign comes in. We need to raise $8000 to print the first run. I would be forever grateful if you checked it out, supported it and shared it lots over the next sixty days. 

“Talking ecoLogical is Truly Brilliant”
— Paul Hawken, environmentalist, entrepreneur, journalist & author, 2012
Head to the Pozible Crowdfunding site now

I'm loving my new website!

Launching in March, is the place to find out about my Sustainability Speaking, MC, Facilitation and Sustainability Workshops. 

Sustainability Speaker

I individually tailor a presentation that inspires, challenges and enables change for sustainability

I recently spoke  at the Wyndham Kinder Conference in Melbourne about early childhood education, nature play and sustainability. What a wonderful day. Aren't kinder teachers the best people? 

“Ian’s presentation proved to be one of the conference highlights.  His subject knowledge is incredible and his performance on the day was sincere, genuine and truly motivating. He was extremely well organised and self-sufficient.  A consummate professional and champion for the natural environment. Highly recommended and would use again.”
- Kim Knersch, conference organiser, Wyndham Kindergarten Conference
Other recent speaking engagements have included my Nature Hit Presentation in Auckland NZ as part of the Sustainability Street Train the Community Mentor program, my Change Practice Presentation at the Golden City Support Services Executive Planning Retreat in Creswick and also at the Sustainable Transformation Conference in Melbourne. 

Facilitator & Master of Ceremonies

On time, on message, participatory, heaps of fun, great outcomes and created with your team.

Recent Facilitation and MC events: 
Recent facilitation events include the "DEPI VAS Partnership Gathering" in Benalla, â€œDEPI Victorian Adaptation and Sustainability Partnerships Symposium” in Bendigo, the “Golden City Support Services Executive Planning Retreat” in Creswick with Antoinette Danaher, the “Community Planning Conversations” event in Castlemaine, the "Growing a Strong Local Food System" workshop in Castlemaine.

Upcoming events:
"Ambassadors for Sustainability: Celebration and Workshop" in Hobsons Bay Melbourne, the "DEPI VAS Partnership Grants Workshop" in Bendigo and the City of Greater Bendigo Integrated Transport and Land Use Visioning Workshops in Bendigo. 

“Ian McBurney's vibrant facilitation of the Victorian Adaptation & Sustainability Partnership symposium in Bendigo fostered a day of lively enthusiastic discussion with great outcomes. Ian's flexible style meant that group conversations could continue when needed, be guided when required and the organic flow of the symposium enabled a safe, relaxed environment for open discussion. The group of council sustainability officers were so impressed with the symposium, they requested that the gatherings continue on an on-going basis - a terrific outcome.”
- Linda Duffy, Manager Sustainability Programs, DEPI


Business Mentor Program

The latest ecological sustainability thinking for business and thirteen years of successful business sustainability change practice. We improve your business:

  • St. John of God Hospital Green Team have reduced waste and energy, run campaigns, changed systems and so impressed the national organisation that our hospital was chosen for the first LED lighting trial. This has resulted in a 10% drop in the hospital power bill.
  • Bendigo Community Health Services Green Team reduced the power bill by 11 and 12% at two sites.

Sustainability Workshops 

  • Introduction to Sustainability and Change
  • Ecological Sustainability Leaders
  • Green Team Professional Development
And ...
Presentation and Speaking Skills, Nature Inspiration, Enabling Change, Environmental Education PD, Climate Change, Waste, Water and Energy, Biodiversity, Community Development, Community Sustainability Practitioner PD, Sustainability Street Approach Train the Mentor ... and more! Just ask :-)

“I would like to thank you again for last Monday’s workshop. I really feel that you engaged beautifully with the group. The session was unrushed although we covered a large volume of information. It allowed for personal reflection & for listening to others. It was a dynamic mix of stories, quotes, visuals, interactions & fun! The content, knowledge and delivery was excellent and I believe made so by your genuine passion for spreading the sustainability message.  Cheers to you!”
- Emma Douglas, Preschool Field Officer, Site Manager, Noah's Ark Inc, October 2011

What is Ian thinking?
Well, I think about lots of things. Like, can Gen Y can concentrate long enough to play test cricket? And, how did I imagine that our seven and four year olds would actually sleep under the dining table in their 'spaceship'? I also think, a lot, about the environment, the new economy and sustainable business. Check out my three latest blog posts:
The Economy is in Transition: we must open our eyes
My vision for a Future Prosperous Bendigo
Info? Technology? Meh! It's all about people
Outside the Square: I'm finally on youtube :-)
This year two awesome Bendigonians, Karen and Bryley set up "Outside the Square" a series of public talks celebrate local people who think a little differently to create positive change in our community. I was the first speaker at the first event with my vision for a future prosperous Bendigo. Click here to hear the talk, or if you'd prefer to read it instead, the notes are in my blog. 

Introductory Business Sustainability Workshop: $600

What are we doing well? What does it mean for us? How do we change? A two hour thought provoking, deep thinking, participatory session that will either kick start your journey into the new economy, or enable you to evaluate progress.

Book Now

The BSG rocks. Get on board

Join the BSG and help change the world around you, for an "inspired, connected, ecologically effective and delightful Bendigo." In 2007 I helped set up the BSG. In 2013 it's still going strong. 
Coming Soon! The Sustainability Street book for iPad

A new reason to be neighbours that just might be the most powerful community sustainability approach on the planet. After 10 years and two hundred communities we're now writing an SSA ipad book to bring the approach to the world. Stay tuned! Let us know if you want your community or local government involved or your facilitators trained in the Approach. We were in Auckland NZ in April to do  just that. Here I am on Auckland radio explaining the SSA.

And now for something completely different ... Youth Leadership Workshops

I recently had a ball assisting students from the four Bendigo secondary colleges to think, learn, dream and play with concepts of leadership, behaviour and change process. 

"Ian delivered a fun, engaging and hands on workshop to encourage the students to think about leadership, goal setting and creating positive change."
- Rory White, City of Greater Bendigo | Youth Participation Officer
And remember to check out our crowd funding campaign!
Here's a sneak preview of four of the 37 conversation building cards:

Pozible Crowd Funding Site
"If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together."
- Lilla Watson, Gangulu Elder, artist, educator and aboriginal activist, Queensland , Australia 
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