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Talking ecoLogical Newsletter #1 2013

Happy New Year everyone. Talking ecoLogical is my quarterly business newsletter, where I’ll share insights into the latest eco news, interesting stories from my work as an MC and sustainability speaker, and show you how I can help you lead your business towards eco sustainability and greater profitability.

The aim of this series of newsletters is to help you answer questions like:

  • "How can the path to eco sustainability help my business?

  • "How can we get our workplace to change?"

  • "Were the Mayans right?"

Ian McBurney - Sustainability Speaker, MC, Facilitator,  Business Mentor, Educator.

Ian McBurney is an ecological sustainability practitioner who has inspired and enabled tens of thousands in business, government, schools and communities to move towards a better future.  He believes passionately that at this time in history when every natural system is in decline, it is people and therefore culture change that will gift us a sustainable society.  That society will be better for us in nearly every way. We'll be more local and connected, happier, healthier, more profitable and more proud of who we are.
One day, my hero came to Bendigo 
It's not every day you get to meet one of your heroes. To then find out your hero is also a really great person is a joy. And to get a compliment from that hero, well, that becomes a life highlight. When Paul Hawken, author of Natural Capitalism - the seminal business and environment book, was last in Australia, I made contact to see what it would take to get him to Bendigo. The BSG and many other local organisations came together to create a series of events that helped Bendigonians think hard about what we really want out of our economic and social enterprises. Paul and I had a lot of fun working together, and he had this to say about my MC work.
“I witnessed Ian MC two events in Bendigo during my recent visit, and what I saw was masterful, funny, inclusive, and eloquent. I had no idea that he was an MC, only that I had seen few, if any, as good or better.”
— Paul Hawken, environmentalist, entrepreneur, journalist & author, 2012

Launching my new website!

Check out for my Sustainability Speaking, MC, Facilitation and Sustainability Workshops. Tell me what you think :-)

Sustainability Speaker

I individually tailor a presentation that inspires, challenges and enables change for sustainability

I recently spoke in Brisbane at the QLD Government DERM ecoBiz Forum. While at the forum, I learned that the local Good Guys outlet had spent four years educating their customers about water and energy efficiency. When the drought hit Queensland, everyone in Brisbane knew where to go for the right products - their eco approach turned into major profit.

“You really to have a way with getting into the hearts and minds of people, a great talent.”
- Lisa Smith, Principal Project Officer, ecoBiz Programs, Department of Environment and Natural Heritage QLD

At another recent event, the Victorian Catholic Education Conference, in Bendigo, it felt great to be back in the environmental education sector after my previous life as director at renowned Melbourne environmental education company, Vox Bandicoot. 

Facilitator & Master of Ceremonies

On time, on message, participatory, heaps of fun, great outcomes and created with your team.

Recent Facilitation and MC events: 
The "Growing a Strong Local Food System" workshop in Castlemaine.
Hume City Council "Environmental Champions Celebration Event" in Craigieburn.

Upcoming events:
"Community Conversations: Making a Difference" Congress in Castlemaine and a "Regional DSE Sustainability Accord Showcase". 

“The MC was, without a doubt, the most interesting and engaging presenter I have ever witnessed. I am so inspired!”
- Attendee, Deakin University Environmental Sustainability Forum


Business Sustainability Mentor Program

The latest ecological sustainability thinking for business and thirteen years of successful business sustainability change practice. We improve your business:

  • Jimmy Possum reduced the power bill by an average 15% across their Australian stores.
  • Bendigo Community Health Services Green Team reduced the power bill by 11 and 12% at two sites.
  • Currently guiding St. John of God Hospital Bendigo and St. Lukes Anglicare Green Teams to reduce waste and energy.

Sustainability Workshops 

  • Introduction to Sustainability and Change
  • Ecological Sustainability Leaders
  • Green Team Professional Development
And ...
Presentation and Speaking Skills, Enabling Change, Environmental Education PD, Climate Change, Waste, Water and Energy, Biodiversity, Community Development, Community Sustainability Practitioner PD, Sustainability Street Approach Train the Mentor ... and more! Just ask :-)

“We found Ian to be professional, engaging and respectful. He establishes an instand rapport with people, has an excellent knowledge of sustainability and is equally at home delivering training theatre style to the shop floor and in a suit to our engineers, finance and administration staff.”
- Fiona Gauci, Chemical and Environment Manager, Robert Bosch (Australia) Pty Ltd
What is Ian thinking?
Well, I think about lots of things. Like, why didn't Ricky Ponting retire early enough to go out in style? And, how could I have forgotten how crazy a crawling baby is? I also think, a lot, about the environment, the new economy and sustainable business. Check out my three latest blog posts:
Were the Mayans right?
Economic Externalities.
Wonderland Window.

Coming Soon!

Talking ecoLogical Conversation Card Set


Developed in partnership with Innovative Resources. Designed for executive teams, green teams, sustainability group committees and sustainability educators and facilitators. 
Pre Order

Latest "Brains of Business" Magazine

Brains is written by Central Victorian business owners who are committed to sharing locally-based knowledge and expertise with local businesses.  My article this issue is on "eliminating the concept of waste". 

Introductory Business Sustainability Workshop: $600

What are we doing well? What does it mean for us? How do we change? A two hour thought provoking, deep thinking, participatory session that will either kick start your journey into the new economy, or enable you to evaluate progress.

Book Now

Free Children's ebook 

With a little help from my three year old son, I wrote this story book  a few years back. The publishers ignored it, but my friends and family loved it. Written for 2-3 year olds, the central idea of the book is to inspire families to head outside, connect with nature and just BE. Illustrations by the brilliant Sharyn Madder.

Great Happenings Around Bendigo

50 people wanted for "Bendigo: a Thinking Community". We can either shape the future, or just let it happen (I'm on the organising committee).

Join the
BSG and help change the world around you, for an "inspired, connected, ecologically effective and delightful Bendigo." In 2007 I helped set up the BSG. In 2013 I'm back facilitating the committee meetings. 

Sustainability Street changed my life - it could do the same for you and your community

A new reason to be neighbours that just might be the most powerful community sustainability approach on the planet. After 10 years and two hundred communities great things are happening at the Sustainability Street Institute (I'm on the board) in 2013 with new villages both at home and internationally. We're also writing an SSA ipad book to bring the approach to the world. Stay tuned! Let us know if you want your community or local government involved or your facilitators trained in the Approach. 
"A new world is not only possible, she is here. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing."
- Arundhati Roy
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