Iota Gamma Alumni Update Spring 2014. Spring semester recap, summer recruitment preview, letter from the chapter president, and more!

Recent Alumni

Seven members went alumni during the Spring 2014 semester!

Ryan Figgins
Major: Political Science
Plans: Working for National Research Corp. in Lincoln

Eric Ahrens
Major: Business Administration
Plans: Finishing school next semester and applying for dental school.

Derek Poutre
Major: Industrial Distribution
Plans: Working for Eaton Corporation

Nathan Collier
Major: Social Work
Plans: Getting married, starting a family, and working in prison systems as a social worker.

Brandon Pruss
Major: Business Administration
Plans: Continuing to finish school.

Matt Klein
Major: Business Management
Plans: Getting married, finishing school, and begin working as an account manager for Towne Park.

Nick Knudson
Major: Construction Management
Plans: Finishing school while running track. Upon graduation, moving to CO to work for Kiewit Building Group. .

These seven men have done wonderful work during their time as Pikes. We will always remember the great times we had with these great men. We want to wish these new alumni the absolute best with their future endeavors! Feel free to contact them if you have an questions.
Dear Esteemed Alumni,

We are proud to send out the Alumni Update recapping the 2014 Spring semester! With this being our fourth newsletter in recent history, we would like to continue gathering feedback from you. What are your thoughts on the formatting? What would you like us to add to the newsletter? This letter is for you and we want to make sure we provide you with the information you are interested in.

The Alumni Update will be sent as an e-newsletter. If you would prefer to receive a copy in the mail, please update your contact information by following the instructions listed at the bottom of this e-newsletter and inform us you would like a hard copy. You will still receive the e-newsletter, but we will make sure to also send you a copy in the mail.

Also, make sure to check out our Facebook Page, UNK Pi Kappa Alpha - Iota Gamma, as well as following us on twitter, @unkpikes.  They are the best way to stay current on what our chapter is up to as we update them frequently.

Spring Initiates

We are excited and proud to announce that we initiated 5 gentlemen  into the Iota Gamma Chapter this Spring. 

New Initiates (from left to right):
  • Jordan Starostka (Kearney)
  • Anthony Hostler (Grand Island)
  • Michael Mach (Beatrice)
  • Garrett Arnold (Kearney)
  • Asante Fuqua (Cambridge)

1oth Annual Kent Estes Tournament

The 10th straight Kent Estes Memorial Golf Tournament was held this past Spring at the Kearney Country Club and was quite successful. We had a total of 32 teams register for the event and ended up raising $2686.50 for the Kent Estes Memorial Fund, which goes toward three scholarships, of which our very own Sergio Ceja was a recipient.

We were out taking plenty of pictures of the event, which found their way onto Facebook. Use the link above to check them out! 
Contact info changed? Send an email to our Alumni Relations chairman at with any changes. Also, we will be holding a call-a-thon to get ahold of as many of our alumni as possible, so be looking for a phone call from one of our active members this coming Fall. Finally, we will be holding an alumni event during the Fall semester. We will inform you with more details soon!

Summer Recruitment Preview

Summer recruitment this year is off to a great start! We already have several men ready to sign and quite a few more interested. This summer there is no set goal number of men to give bids to because we are focusing on only getting quality men. One area we are greatly improving on is the number of events we are hosting. Here is a list of events planned so far:
  • May 31st - BBQ at the Pike House in Kearney
  • June 7th - Lake event in Sutherland
  • June 14th - Event in Omaha, either at CWS or a BBQ.
  • Late June/Early July - Lake event in Plattsmouth
I believe this summer we will get the most, best men and this will be one of the greatest new member classes we have ever had. If you have any questions you may reach me at or call/text me at 402-223-9074. I really hope to see you at our recruitment events!

Pikes Tying the Knot

Three of our own members (one active, two alumnus) are planning on getting married soon! They are:

Matt Klein and Amber Miller (June 21, 2014)

Nathan Collier and Sarah Hansen (July 18, 2015)

Ethan McClellan and Courtney Wagner (July 26, 2014)

2013-2014 Intramural Champs

After being down for most of the semester, we rallied during the final months of the school year to secure the 2013-2014 Intramural Championship! 

We started the semester with roughly a 900 point deficit to the Sig Eps, but had a great showing in events such as basketball, innertube water polo, and a multitude of various one-day events. In addition, we added on a whopping 625 points for brothers Jake Berglund and Nathan Gansemer (shown above) winning Tennis Doubles. 

It felt outstanding to take our rightful place atop the intramural standings and we are looking forward to doing it again next year.
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