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Cary is looking quite round these days, as she gets closer to her due date, two days after Christmas. But she hasn't slowed down! During the month of October, she was a substitute horseback riding instructor for her friend and Pleasent Valley Equestrian Center barn manager Kelly Bowman, who got married and honeymooned with her new husband. Cary had a blast! She's going to continue teaching lessons, mostly on weekends, once Kelly returns. If you're interested in English riding lessons, feel free to contact Cary. Lessons are offered at Pleasent Valley Equestrian Center on SE 172nd Ave and SE Hagen Rd, near Happy Valley. Kelly, the full-time instructor, is also available, and the barn offers boarding, as well.
Happy Valley Pet Services provides professional and loving care for all animals in their homes.  Owned and managed by Cary Riker-Shutt, with the invaluable assistace of Whitney Klimper, Jessica Condon, and Jacqueline Schommer. We offer weekly dog walking, pet sitting, and poop scooping. We also offer horse care services. We serve outer SE and NE Portland, Happy Valley, Clackamas, Damascus, Gresham, and beyond. To contact us, please call us at 503-278-4249 or email us at Our website is

Happy Howl'oween!

How to Keep your Furries Safe on Halloween

Halloween night can be very stressful for your fur kids. Strange noises, the doorbell constantly ringning, and lots of tempting treats out in the open--this can be a tough day for pets.

What can you do? With the doorbell constantly ringing, and the door opening and closing, this can be an invitation for your dog to take his or her job of guarding the house too seriously. Not only can barking get out of control, but dogs can become very anxious with all the commotion. Also, cats can easily dart out the door unseen. So, keep dogs and cats away from the door! Sometimes a gate is adequate, but dogs might jump over or push down a gate, and cats can often easily get around them. The best thing to do is to sequester your pets in a back room or basement den, away from the noise. Leaving a TV or radio on can minimize the sounds of the doorbell and the shouts of "Trick or Treat!" ringing through the house. Double-check that the pets have ID's on in case they get out the door.

Tasty treats sitting out for kids are tempting for your furries, too, but can be toxic! The artificial sweetener Xylitol and candies containing chocolate are especially dangerous. But ingesting large amounts of any kinds of candies or sweets can leave them with a nasty tummy ache, and cause vomiting or diarrhea. If you suspect that your pet has ingested something he or she wasn't supposed to, call Dove Lewis, located in NW Portland, at 503-228-7281, or VCA Veterinary Specialists, located in Clackamas, at 503-656-3999.

Last Minute Pet Costumes

Whitney's Basset Riley looks adorable as a hotdog!
Skunk A black dog or cat can become a skunk with a simple strip of white paint down their backs.
Ghost The proverbial white sheet with eyes and snouts cut out. Timeless and adorable.
Mummy Simple gauze bandages can make a mummy out of any dog or cat.
Balarena A little girl's tutu can turn a dog into a princess, or a balarena.


The BEST Cut-out Cookie Recipe from Cary's Grandmother
It might be early for holiday cookies, but these perfect butter cut-out cookies are excellent for any occasion. Although I'm calling them "Butter Bassets," they would make great Halloween party cookies in the shapes of ghosts, pumpkins, or witch's hats. Click here for the recipe, which was too long to post here: "Butter Bassets"
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