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Zaytoun July newsletter

This month brings the end of Ramadan - Eid Mubarak all of you who have been marking Ramadan! We hope you enjoy celebrating with family and friends around a table stuffed with Palestinian treats!

On another note, we remember with sadness all those who died in the terrible assault on Gaza, one year ago, as well as those who continue to suffer in its aftermath. Read on for campaign news, recipes, stockist details and more...

Eid Mubarak!

For all of you who have been fasting for Ramadan, we wish you Eid Mubarak and hope that you enjoy celebrations of Eid with family and friends!
We've been delighted by the popularity of the #BuyPalestinian campaign, with many Muslim communities choosing Palestinian dates for their daily iftar, as well as purchasing Zaytoun hampers and other products, and sponsoring saplings through our Trees for Life scheme.

There's still time to buy Zaytoun goodies for Eid - check for an outlet near you! Or perhaps sponsor the planting of new trees for farmers under occupation in Palestine - your gift to a loved one is also the gift of new life and hope for a farming family.

Zaytoun harvest tour

The 2015 harvest tour will run from 11th-17th October this year. The tour offers customers the chance to visit many of the communities who supply our products from Nablus soap-makers to olive farmers in Jenin, as well as some support and advocacy organisations who work on behalf of these communities against the injustices of the Israeli occupation.

The itinerary and booking form can be found here.

Palestinian almonds

Our speciality Fairtrade almonds are of a variety called Om al-Fahem that is grafted on to an indigenous almond tree rootstock that is rain-fed and naturally resistant to drought.

Of course that's important because, as we've seen in California this year, where crops require intensive irrigation they are all the more vulnerable to climate change and drought.  It's even more important when you consider that Palestinians are not permitted by the Israeli authorities to use water for irrigation. 

Whilst this resilient quality makes the Palestinian almond crop viable, it also means that this variety is up to 25% less productive than when it is grafted onto a different rootstock, such as those grown in Israel, where of course the trees receive regular irrigation. That's why Palestinian farmers need to receive a higher price per kilogram in order to make a living from their trees. 

Even so, the customer benefits - the indigenous rain-fed variety yields a far tastier nut than its irrigated cousin. Couple the Palestinian almond's unique flavour with the story of its Fairtrade producers, and we can all share in adding value to Palestinian farmers' livelihoods.
Our partners Canaan Fair Trade have been doing extensive work with organic almond farmers, training them and providing resources to deal with the almond seed wasp. Farmers gathered data from monitoring the trees to identify the best control methods. From that research came a brochure distributed to all active almond farmers. The results have been positive - higher yields, stronger trees and happy farmers!

July Recipe

In celebration of Eid here's another delicious way to use your Palestinian Medjoul dates! Ma'moul cakes are a traditional holiday food, flavoured with orange blossom water and stuffed full of plump juicy dates. Sahtain!

Speciality & Fine Food Fair

Zaytoun will be at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2015 from 6th-8th September at London Olympia. If you are coming, we'd love to see you! Perhaps your local delicatessen or independent grocery owners are planning to visit - let them know Zaytoun is at stand 2453!

Trees for Life

Since Zaytoun was launched 11 years ago, customers have sponsored the planting of nearly 12,500 new olive and almond trees in Palestine. Hundreds of Palestinian farming families continue to benefit from these gifts! 

The Palestine Fair Trade Association, who run the planting scheme, sent us their 2015 report, detailing farmer stories and more about how the scheme is run. To give this gift of life simply click here - a perfect birthday or anniversary gift for a loved one!

Star shop!

This month we're celebrating the fantastic folk at Fairtrade at St Michaels, in the busy heart of Oxford.

This lively shop has supported Zaytoun since our launch over 11 years ago, and continue to do so, investing a portion of their profits in sponsoring 250 new trees through Trees for Life for the last two years, and recently running a great stall at Oxford's Palestine Unlocked festival.
Thank you to all the staff and customers of Fairtrade at St Michaels - we love working with you!

Zaytoun in Selfridges

We are happy to say that Selfridges customers can now find our products in the prestigious Food Hall on London’s Oxford street! To have shelf space in Selfridges is testament to the excellent quality of Palestinian products and the hard work of the farmers. Our olive oil is also available via their online shop.

Gaza - one year on

Join a vigil in remembrance of all those who were tragically killed in Gaza last summer. 51 days of relentless assault left over 2,000 dead including 578 children. 

On Friday 10th July, 2015, Palestine Solidarity Campaign invites you to join in a vigil to remember all those killed. Israel has continued to attack Gaza and refuses to allow in the building materials needed to reconstruct its infrastructure, including the tens of thousands of homes which were destroyed. Palestinian families continue to live among the rubble of their houses, without electricity or running water. Aid agencies report that malnutrition is spreading.

Come to Richmond Terrace (opposite Downing Street), Whitehall, London, from 5.30-7.30pm, bring flowers in remembrance of the dead. This website has the names of all those known to have died.


Zaytoun products can be found at events around the country here. If you are running a stall, film screening or Zaytoun tasting - let us know, we'll share your news!

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