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You probably saw that viral video of the "USA Freedom Kids" performing at a Donald Trump rally a few weeks ago. Singing and dancing about "Ameritude" to the tune of a WWI propaganda song, the girls made quite an impression on social media. But apart from the crass jingoism of the lyrics -- and the exploitation of young children -- what really got under my skin was Trump's shameless theft of intellectual property from Liberty's Secret! 
Jacléne Wilk as Liberty Smith in a patriotic dance number.
1950's über-Mom (Luciana Piazza), Liberty (Jacléne Wilk), and Dancing Granny (Caroline Helton) march and tap dance for Freedom in our presidential campaign commercial.
You see, long before The Donald emblazoned his slogan, "Make America Great Again" onto a million golf caps, I had written a song called "Let's Look Ahead to The Good Old Days" for Liberty to sing in the movie. And well before the Freedom Girls did their schtick in Pensacola, my collaborator Debbie Williams had choreographed a brilliant, hyper-patriotic dance routine for a 1950's Leave It To Beaver family. Clearly, somebody on Trump's staff has hacked our strategic database! Anyway, you can judge for yourself. Just click on the image below to see the Liberty's Secret take on over-the-top nationalism -- and do let me know if you think I should sue Donald for copyright infringement;)
Libertys Secret Campaign Commercial
Click here to see an excerpt from Kenny Weston's musical campaign commercial.

Coming Soon, But Not Sure Exactly When Yet

A lot of people have been asking me when Liberty's Secret will be released, and I so appreciate their enthusiasm. Frankly, after taking so long to make this movie, it is kind of killing me not to just share it right away. It's almost completely finished, and I can hardly wait for people to see what great performances all the actors, musicians, and crew contributed to the film.

However, all the advice I've gotten from more-experienced producers is to wait just a little longer. We are hoping to get the film into some of the bigger regional and LGBTQ film festivals, and the film festival season has just begun (with Sundance, last week.) Some of the larger festivals won't play a film unless it is a world premiere, and many others have restrictions about how widely a film can be distributed prior to a festival screening. Also, a big part of our current strategy is to use "free" publicity from a festival premiere as a springboard for our online digital release. So right now, when not color grading or tweaking green screen shots, I am sitting on my hands, waiting to hear from some of the festivals I have applied to, and sending out applications to a few more this week. But do rest assured, the film will be coming out soon -- festival brouhaha or no.   Because of the election cycle and the media circus created by people like Trump, I believe this is the perfect year for our film.

Thanks for all your continuing support and encouragement on this long journey. And especially, dear members of my wife's family (you know who you are) who contributed that final chunk of funds to get us across the finish line, I am so grateful for your generosity!  Couldn't have done it without you all.


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