Fragas Family November 2013 Newsletter!


Greetings! Bryan and I trust you are doing well; we both are, too. It's been a busy, happy, and productive season for the Fragas Fam. We've been all over, but it's all been good.

At first I wasn't going to compose any more newsletters as it seemed that everyone that we reach out to through these "email blasts" also have access to the same information via FaceBook. But then I began to consider that I am pretty selective what and how much I share on social media. So basically, this is the inside scoop, if you will. By the time I post this newsletter to our family web site, it will be old news.

Bryan will be returning home next week, so he and I are both very excited about the reunion of our lives! He's been gone since the end of July, so we're pretty pumped up! We had the unique (at least to us) experience of being able to converse via Skype this deployment . . . hence, being able to see each other. That has been such a blessing. When we were talking earlier today, we both commented on how fast the time has gone this time around for both of us! That happens when a person is very busy, right?

Our house is still up for sale, and we've only had one family come look at it, and they really wanted to buy it. To do so, they need to sell their house in New Jersey first. I actually received a text from them last week checking to see if ours was still for sale. It will be interesting to see when and to whom it will sell. Bryan and I have a real peace about the whole deal; God's timing is impeccable!

As you may know, we're taking strides towards retirement from the military in order to accommodate what we believe God placed in our hearts over twenty years ago. We've been working towards that end, and guess what??? You got it! The time is finally at our doorstep. We are planning on joining our dear friends, Pastor Emory & Vickie, in the Dominican Republic to assist in any way that we are able. God is just so very awesome!

In other news, our fourth grandchild, Abraham Kalae Medina, was born on September 2nd of this year. I had the wonderful privilege of being able to spend a month with the Medinas in the fine state of Washington! We had so much fun, and it was such a precious time of bonding and reveling in family time. It really reminded me of our formative years when I stayed home with Brooke and Ashley before they began school.

Ashley and Scott are doing very well, too! They have their hands busy in all kinds of things. They're planning a trip to Mount Kilimanjaro for 2015 in an effort to fight the horrible reality of human trafficking. There are some exciting things happening in that area of their ministry. The main thing is that they're flourishing in this new state of being married and loving every moment of it!

One other thing that I'm really excited about is that I'm starting a web design business! My goal is to have it up and running around December 1st. I've named it Basil Web Designs (the "B" is Bryan's first initial, and the "asil" is my name spelled backwards)! Put them together, and you have "Basil." Fun, eh? I had really been praying about a suitable name, and I believe that one is God-inspired, and it's Bryan approved.

It's put a whole world of little slogans right into our lap such as, "Flavorful Web Designs," "Basil . . . an ingredient for your success," "Everything's better with basil," "We design according to your tastes," see . . . the list goes on and on! I've been having a lot of fun with this. I begin taking a class on December 11th entitled, "Achieving Top Search Engine Positions." What fun! I had already been studying and researching along those lines, so I'm excited to get some formal training and certification in it, too. It's all for the Kingdom!

Well, we pray that you're cherishing and loving everything in your lives and what God is doing on your behalf. He is so righteous, kind, loving, and very, very good! Bryan and I are thankful for you and the impact you've had on our lives. We love you and will continue to pray for you!

Bryan <3 Lisa 

Abraham Kalae:  Born on September 2nd, en caul, and with blue eyes! :)
Lucy Hope: So sweet, I like to call her our "Puerto Rican Princess"! :) So much fun!
Eli Christian: Entertainer, scientist, inventor, and gives the most heartfelt good-byes ever!
Janey Shiloh: Budding artist, book designer, film maker, etc., etc., etc.!

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