May your days be merry and bright!

A Message from bryan & Lisa

Merry Christmas! We wanted to take a few moments and let you know how much you mean to us at this very special time of year. This is a season which causes us to reflect on what lies behind and set our sites upon the future. We are excited and looking forward to everything within the scope of what's to come.

We feel especially blessed this Christmas to have all of our children and grandchildren with us! Bernie, our longtime friend, is spending the holidays with us as well, and in just a couple of days, Scott's parents will arrive!

Well, who is Scott? I'm so glad you asked! Scott is Ashley's fiance and our "soon-to-be" son! They just got engaged a few days ago, and we are simply thrilled that Scott will soon be a part of this family. He is from England, so they are now beginning the process of applying for a fiance visa. We'll keep you posted as the events unfold in this new chapter. :D

We're also feeling exceptionally blessed that James is home from Afghanistan. The Lord surely protected him and returned him to our family. Thank You, Jesus!

This has been a year of island hopping for Bryan and I. Here's a little snapshot of our travels:
  • We started off 2012 with a cruise to the Bahamas
  • Went to the Dominican Republic in July to visit our dear friends, Pastor & Vickie
  • Helped Brookie & family move to Washington state (tear, sniffle)
  • Flew to Hawaii for an awesome two-week reunion with the fam
  • Returned to the DR for a week

May this Christ-filled season find you and yours flourishing in everything that He has planned for your lives! Please remember that we love you and look forward to seeing you again very soon.

With sincere love and heartfelt appreciation,
bryan & lisa