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From hitting the slopes to relaxing on the dunes to baking vegan desserts, the opportunities are endless with your YJA family. Retreat season has begun, so don't miss out this year! 

The following retreats are LIVE! Register today!
Mid-Atlantic Retreat 
Mid-West Retreat (Waitlist only)
Northeast Retreat
West Retreat

Be sure to check out our website at or check your regional Facebook page for more info for when your retreat registration is live!

Have you ever faced an ethical dilemma when making a financial decision? Do you wonder how Jain principles and business policies might clash, or fear the compromise you may find yourself making through your investments? Do you want to learn how to pursue a career in the financial services industry? Join this webinar to get your questions answered and hear from three outstanding panelists!

To kick off our first career-series webinar, we have invited three experienced panelists to join a conversation on how Jain principles intersect with and clash with the financial services industry. This discussion will be led by our YJA Director of Finance Sidhant Gandhi. We hope this webinar gives the audience a glimpse into careers in this industry, as well as the experiences and obstacles faced by Jains employed in the sector as they discuss ethical investing and corporate social responsibility. 
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If you took part in the 12 Days of Forums Challenge or have read a Young Minds Issue, you got a look at the brilliant minds within YJA. If you took part in the Clothing Drive, you’ve seen our passion for giving back to the community. If you’ve been to a YJA Retreat or a YJA Convention, you’ve seen just how strong the bonds amongst our Jain youth can really be.

This is what YJA is, and has always been, all about. These are the values we strive to practice in our communities. And so, without further ado, we’d like to unveil the theme and logo for the 2018 YJA Convention - Reconnecting with our Roots!

The 2018 YJA Convention will be where we learn, grow, collaborate, and more importantly, Reconnect with our Roots. We hope that each attendee will dive deep into the past and discover ideas from centuries ago about how to live, love, and learn. Not only does Jainism contain a detailed map for our own day to day lives, but it can show us how to positively influence the communities and the world around us.

Get excited! With 2018 finally here, Convention is only 6 months away! 

The YJA Executive Board and Convention Committee members flew into Chicago this past weekend to plan for upcoming YJA initiatives and envision, collaborate, and plan for the 2018 YJA Convention! We conducted new team-building exercises, assessed our personality dynamics, and even explored the beautiful host city.
In addition, we were able to reconvene with the Executive Committee of the Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago and ideate ways in which our team and the host city sangh can collaborate in the planning process of the convention. We are very excited to plan this Convention for everyone and to give all attendees an opportunity to Reconnect with their Roots!

Have you recently become interested in a particular topic, idea, or concept? Want to know how it may pertain to the Jain Way of Life? Now's your chance to let us know! To bring you the best programming possible, the Daytime and JNF Convention Committees would like YOUR input on session topics and speakers you would like to see at this year's Convention! Please use the form below to nominate an individual (or yourself) to be a speaker and/or provide topic recommendations. Thank you!

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