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Young Minds June 2018 Issue: Retreats

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What comes to mind when you hear YJA Retreats? Is it the friendships, the sessions, the location, the food? In the latest issue of Young Minds, our Retreats special issue, we've asked Jains from across the world to share how they’ve found a home in the Jain community and how it and Jainism guides their day to day lives. Read about Jain philosophy keeps families connected, forms consciousness, shapes society, and promotes peace and prosperity around the world.

If we hurt you in any way with our words, we sincerely ask Micchami Dukkadam. Happy reading!
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Ahimsa Photo Campaign

This year, YJA hosted the Ahimsa Photo Campaign, an online movement which encouraged young Jains to spread awareness of the ideals of non-violence and explain what Ahimsa means to them and how they incorporate it into their everyday lives. We had an overwhelming amount of excitement and interest, with over 100 people updating their Facebook profile picture, liking, commenting, and sharing the movement.

Thank you to all those that participated in YJA's Ahimsa Photo Campaign! We are continuously amazed by this community's thoughtfulness, and we hope that the chance to reflect on Ahimsa gave you an appreciation for being consciously non-violent in your own lives. You can access all the posts and profile pictures changed during the campaign by clicking the button below!

2018 YJA Convention
We are less than 1 MONTH AWAY from our 13th Biennial YJA Convention! Our Committee has been hard at work preparing sessions, nighttime events, registration, and other logistics for all attendees. We are so excited to welcome over 750 attendees, 125 speakers, and 110 Adult Volunteers to the city of Chicago where we will Reconnect with Our Roots. Click on the image above to view the Facebook video and leave a comment on what you are most looking forward to at the 2018 YJA Convention! #Isitjulyyet?
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