Jai Jinendra <<First Name>>,

As you likely know, South Texas was hit extremely hard by Hurricane Harvey, which has become the worst flooding event in US history. Having grown up in Houston, it is truly heartbreaking to see the city we love suffer so much. 

We know that the YJA community is ready to answer the call. Join us in donating to the relief efforts in South Texas by supporting AmeriCares in providing emergency medical relief to victims. With good health, anything is possible - education, family support, and more.

Let's reach our goal together and give even more - if our community raises $1500, YJA will donate another $500!

Give today!

Jainism emphasizes karuna, or compassion, and we should aim to be proactive in our compassion as a community that is part of the larger community of humanity. It is amazing to see how much support Houston Jains have received from Austin and Dallas, and how this country has responded to the crisis at hand.

We sincerely urge you to give what you can (even $5 makes a huge difference - that's just your coffee for the day!) to help those in need rise above Harvey. The people of South Texas will directly benefit from your generosity and will be able to restart their lives.

Despite all that we have faced, one thing remains certain: we are a community. We carry one another. We listen to one another. We support one another. In a way, this is what YJA stands for: building a community and lending a helping hand to our neighbors.

With #yjalove, 

Siddharth Shah (South RC), 
Salil Ojha (Director of Publications), 
and the 2016-2017 YJA Executive Board

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