May Board Meeting, Pre-Convention Dinner, Session Registration & Platinum Donors
This past weekend, your Convention Board met in LA to finalize all of the plans for the 2016 YJA Convention! Be ready to see some amazing things in the coming weeks relating to convention!
Convention is almost here! What better way to get ready for convention
than going to a pre-convention dinner! Check out all of the pre-convention
dinners happening across the nation and find the one closest to you!

06/10 - YJA Kansas: Pre-Convention Dinner
06/11: YJA Atlanta: Pre-Convention Dinner
06/18 - YJA Charlotte: Pre-Convention Dinner
06/18 - YJA Austin: Pre-Convention Dinner
06/18 - YJA Chicago: Pre-Convention Dinner
06/18 - YJA Detroit: Pre-Convention Dinner
06/18 - YJA Boston: Pre Convention Dinner 
06/18 - YJA Dallas: Pre-Convention Dinner
06/18 - YJA Houston: Pre-Convention Dinner
06/24 - YJA NYC: Pre-Convention Dinner
06/26 - YJA Philadelphia: Pre-Convention Dinner
Session registration is officially LIVE! Registering for sessions is on a
FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis, so be sure to log on to your account at and register for sessions as soon as possible!

Platinum Donors

The 2016 YJA Convention Board would like to thank all of our donors and volunteers for their endless support:

Jain Center of Southern California 
Mukesh and Priti Chatter
Mr. and Mrs. Manahar Shah
Popat and Kalpana Savla
Silver Star Real Estates LLC

If you would like to learn more about contributing or becoming a donor for YJA, then please click here!
Click here to see the sponsors for #YJA16!