DDD's March Incentives!
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We had such an AMAZING response to the New Recruit / Free Jewelry offer last month that we are DOING IT AGAIN!!!

Paparazzi keeps saying the word "DUPLICATE". Duplicate what those that are successful are doing. I have offered free jewelry to those who enroll with a Starter Kit for several months. I feel it helps a lot with enrollments! I want you to be able to see that first hand. See if it helps you to duplicate what I am doing. If it does, go ahead and offer your own incentive to those who want to join your team. This offer is not always going to be here! I want you to be able to take it over and customize it to your business. It could be free jewelry, gift cards, Paparazzi credit, etc.

One thing that brings me excitement is getting a
new team member!

I want you all to feel the excitement of enrolling your own team member! There is nothing more motivating then introducing this wonderful opportunity to someone and leading them to success! And there is no better way to recruit then to offer an incentive! I wanted you to see if offering an incentive to those who enroll would help. I offer free pieces when I enroll someone with a Starter Kit. I feel this helps for several reasons:

 1 - They will have more pieces to add to their inventory. Having a great selection and variety is key to good sales!
 2 - They will receive the free pieces quicker then their Starter Kit. This gives them a head start. They can show off these pieces to their friends and family and get them all excited to see what the Kit has in store.


We will send out FREE JEWELRY to you AND your new team member if they enroll with a Starter Kit during the month of March!

 $300 Kit = 5 free pieces for both of you!
You can have me send ALL 10 pieces to your new recruit! It's up to YOU!

 $700 or more Kit = 10 free pieces for both of you! OR you can have me send all 20 to your new recruit!

Please make sure to let EVERYONE who is interested in Paparazzi know about this offer. But remember that you can not advertise incentives, it is against policy. You can only let those that have approached you about the business know about the incentive!

You MUST let me know by either Email or PM the following:
 - New Recruits Name
 - New Recruits Consultant ID#
 - Which Starter Kit
 - and If you want ALL the jewelry sent to them
or if you want to split, half to them, half to you!


I want to challenge our team and see what you are made of!

I would LOVE to see us hit 40,000 OV again! I know we can do it! The potential is there! If we hit this goal, I will do a drawing for an Apple iPad Mini (retail over $300!)!!!! WHOA! This is such a huge goal that it requires a huge reward!
So here is how this is going to go down!

Every 100 PV = 1 entry

Every New Recruit with a Kit = 1 entry

Every Party / Event (Face Book, Home, Launch, etc)
= 1 entry

You will need to send me a pic or screen shot of the party for it to count! And while you're at it, send the pic in for the Zi Collection Runway Contest and to Michelle Johnnie for her contest!!!

There is NO LIMIT as to how many entries you can receive! Using I will select ONE WINNER from the drawing only if OUR TEAM VOLUME HITS 40,000 in March!!!

I will be sending more information about everything going on in our teams monthly newsletter in a few days!

But for now....GO and BE AWESOME!!!!

Love, Deb and Ty Parkin


Copyright © 2014 Debbie Parkin, Independent Paparazzi Consultant, All rights reserved.

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